Khazarians, not “Jews”

Khazarians, not “Jews”.
21st Century.

Red Russian Turkmen mongrel Khazarians.
Proven by modern DNA testing, and historical documentation.
I have no time for derogatory slang terms from a thousand years ago.

There is no returning to the past.
The present became the past as I typed.
The future became the present.

NOW, is all there is.
If they are to survive as a species, or become Human, humanity must leave the ignorant cobbled together fairytales coupled with group religious illusions and superstitions of the dark ages in the rubble heap of the past where they belong.

The problem is a Crime cabal disguised as a cult religion, has been sucking the blood and wealth of humanity for thousands of years.
This evil uses up one people, then moves on to another.
This evil used up the Hebrews, moved on to the Khazarians and the Puritans.

Thus the problem is not the virus host of yesteryear, as the past is the past.
The Hebrews were left on the garbage heap of yesteryear, when they were no longer were a viable host for the evil.

The PROBLEM, IS the Red Russian Khazariasns, and the “chosen to rule” ( by the imaginary god they no longer believe in), yankee self righteous Puritan gang baby rapers, mass murderers and “witch” burners.

Many Khazarians have infiltrated the other religions, pretending to have converted just as their ancestors did to secretly plot against their host nation, while sucking the life blood of the country while ritually gang raping the host little boys and sacrificing them in Khazarian Black magic Rituals to their angry demon war mongering thieving, lying pedophilic war gods.

So to try to identify them by their cult heathen pedophile practicing and promoting usury religion, will not work as many are flying under the false flags of other religions.

Just say red Russian Non Semitic Khazarians.
Then you have the problem identified.
The yankee puritans long ago became the lap dogs of the Red Russian Khazarains.

Problem identified.
Now, what you going to do about it?

Continue muddying the waters with useless antiquated terms and superstitions from more than a thousand years back in the garbage heap of the past?

The Khazarians are the ones making sure that term is continued to be used, as they, a False people, using a stolen identity of another people, entitled by a “god” they never met as a people, Khazarians having converted to the cult in the Steppes of Russia in the year 0740 AD, are using this useless antiquated term as the glue binding together their cobbled together lie of GOD GAVE IT TO US!!!!!!!!!!

The Ole Dog!

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