Khazarians, not “Jews”

Khazarians, not “Jews”. 21st Century. Red Russian Turkmen mongrel Khazarians. Proven by modern DNA testing, and historical documentation. I have no time for derogatory slang terms from a thousand years ago. There is no returning to the past. The present became the past as I typed. The future became the present. NOW, is all there […]

So About Aleister Crowley (The most evil man in the world, Barbara Bush’s Father) (2019 Documentary)

Barbra Bush, the wife of the serial baby rapist, CIA criminal, and treasonous to America son of a bitch, Pap CIA BadBush. The mother of the gay caballero, treasonous to America, village idiot Jr. BadBush, and grandmother of the yankee carpetbagger BadBush, “Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush”, who in conjunction with “mayor” pedejoberg and […]