Israhell and Red Russia Coordinate Arms Sale Preventing Deals with Iran

Two Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel Khazarian Red Shield Red Russian war criminals dividing the spoils.

“Bulshtein advised the Ukrainian magazine that no major party in Israel dreams of winning without supporting the votes of Russian immigrants, and that in eight out of the nine recent election battles in Israel, the Russian population has determined the election results.”

Ariel Bulshtein, adviser to the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has announced that Israel has refused to sell weapons to Georgia, at Russia’s request. He also stated a month and a half ago, that Israel had refrained from selling weapons to Ukraine at the request of Russia, in exchange for halting an arms deal between Russia and Iran.

In an interview with Ukrainian magazine Apostrophe, Yedioth Ahronoth reported on Thursday that Bulshtein pointed out that: “Russia has agreed at least twice to Israel’s request not to sell advanced weapons to Iran. Russia also asked Israel to realise the sensitivities and to respond to its requests about arms sales.”

Bulshtein mentioned that: “Israel has not sold several types of weapons to Georgia. There are similar Russian demands from Israel regarding other countries, especially in places witnessing conflicts with Russia.”

“There is no talk of cancelling the supply of weapons included in agreements that have been signed. It is clear to all, that not all of the massive weapons that Israel has are not for sale, and even when we sell, we do not sell to all countries. When Israel decides what to sell abroad, it also takes into account the geopolitical situation,” added Bulshtein.

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