Each Day I Grow Closer To Voting For The Extinction Of The human Race.

Each day I grow closer to voting for the extinction of the human race.

In enos past, different animal breeds, have been formed, lived, most have gone extinct as their world changed around them, and they were unable to adapt themselves to their new reality.

The Past is the past, and one can never return to the past.
The present became the past while I typed this sentence, the future became the present.

Being a historian, I have spent my whole life trying to dig into the past, to see mankind true history.

Much of what humanity believes is their history is manufactured bull shit.

Those in power, have always lied to the common man, they still do.

less than two hundred years back, one hundred and fifty eight years, the USA, in a war crime, invaded the Confederate states off America.

The criminals had no right to invade, rape, rob, burn, steal, murder, but they did.

It is historically provable, the yankee invaded for loot, plunder, control of the Mouth of the Mississippi, to steal the Land from Southerners, to reclaim the Southern money, which the evil yankee was partying on in DC, the funds stolen from the southern folks, and used to build up the North.

To cover their war crimes, a country which still had slaves after there was no Confederate States, started the lie, they murdered over a half million people, burned them to death, raped them to death, starved them to death “to free slaves”.

They set about demonizing the victims, and giving sainthoods, to the gang baby rapers till death, the digging up the dead to rob them, the burning and shelling whole cities filled with defenseless civilians, war criminals and failed humans.

Today, these scumbag sons of bitches, are taking down statues to men who tried to defend innocent humanity, while leaving up statues to baby gang rapers, thieves, and mass murderers.

The evil which is DC, is rewriting history as I type.

I have never heard or seen, one spawn of a gang baby raping yankee, admit to their war crimes, much less even apologize, even though they really are not sorry, but proud of raping those babies, burning old folks to death, starving children so they die of hunger and disease.

Everywhere I look, I see humanity wallowing in evil, self gratification, and assisting in making humanity slaves to evil bastards.

If you try to help them,. try to tell them the end of the path they are on is slavery and self destruction, they will attack you, they will kill you.

Don’t believe that, ask Jesus the Christ, ask Gandhi, ask George S Patton, ask Martin Luther King.

I see no shame for the evil humanity does.
They seem proud of their evil, their stiff necked refusal to leave the slime and become advanced spiritual beings.

They rape their own young, and Church organizations, support the baby raping, and those who do the raping.

They look for someone who they can steal from, so they do not have to labor.

They make a wonderful place, a shit hole.

I do my duty, but my vote it to replace humanity with another species, because humanity is a failed species.

Thousands upon thousands of years pissed off, as humanity tries to stay animals, fearing spiritual growth, not willing to pay the price of self sacrifice, to raise humanity above the evil dumb self gratification, me first animal most of them are, and become Human.

I as Jonah did, think humanity deserves to burn.

Let the fires of the heavens come down, cleanse the Earth, prepare it for a better species, because humanity is a failed species, heading for extinction.

God, Nature if you prefer, after an appointed time, separates the chaff from the wheat.

I sure hope the new species has good looking females.
I used to think human females were beautiful.
Then I stopped looking at the outside of them, looked on the inside, and what I found, made them ugly, disgusting.

Same goes for the human males.
Most never became men.

Millions of years from now, some replacement species, a better being, will dig up bones from the extinct humans, and wonder what they were like.

They were evil, and a failure of nature, thats why they will be extinct.

My vote is to get it done and bring on the replacement.

The Ole Dog!

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