A Little Bit of Treason, Is Like Being Just a Little Bit Pregnant

Never stays at the little bit level.

Those in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, who have committed treason against the American Home Land, and the American people, deserve fair Common Law Trials, and a Fair Hanging!

I always was a student of Human Nature, psychology, philosophy.
I have always wanted to sit down with some FBI, ATF, CIA agents, and pick their brains.
I have always wondered, what they would say when asked why they sell their prodigy into slavery, for a cold Sixpack and a warmer place to sleep?

Are they really that stupid, they do not understand they are committing treason against America, Americans, to include their own children and grandchildren?

Or are they so corrupted, so self centered, they sell out their people, their country, their own prodigy, for a handful of bobbles, things which will disappear into landfills in due time?

What of the whores who sit in the Halls of “government” in the Crime cabal Headquarters in DC?

Are they just stupid as hell, egotistical clowns who sell out their own country, own people, for mammon, power to break all the rules, for self service and promotion?

What the hell happened to the dream of America, a place where men and women are free, a good place to work, raise a family?

Are the American people just stupid as hell, corrupt as hell, or just cowardly as hell?

In a country of millions of people, finding one who stands up for right, freedom, honor, service, duty, are damn well few and far between!

They run after false gods.
USA/DC, Israhell, Angry war gods who command his followers to bash babies brains out against rocks.

The American people, have become blood sucking parasites, who cheer their war criminal leaders, and who send their sons and daughters, to help the evil of DC steal other countries resources, and murder that countries people if they try to defend their homes, families and country, from invading war criminals who try to justify their war crimes with bull shit lies, half truths, and complete fabrications.

And the American sheep people eat all the evil up, beg for more, even when the price is the lives, the liberty, the freedom of their own children/grandchildren.

So many good men died, trying to forge a good place for a persecuted humanity.
Their lives, their pain, the grief of loved ones at their loss, was all in vain, as America today is a shit hole slavery plantation run by evil sons of bitches who rape little boys up the ass, and sometime kill them in their sexual debotury.

American people are me first collaborators against decency, freedom and honor, eaten up with self imposed ignorance.

Americans have charged up on debt, a huge Karma bill, which is coming due.

I doubt most Americans have the balls to survive in the shit hole they have crafted.

The Horsemen are coming for America, just as they came for Rome.

God/Nature, is in charge, and will only allow evil to go to a certain point, before the bill for the evil comes due for a people.

America sheep bleat, “GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!

Why would he?
Do Americans think god is a pedophile who rapes little boys up the ass, sells out his children for personal gain, cares more about gaining more material wealth over Humanities best interest?

Well, he is not, and he is not going to bless America, until the Kharma bill is paid, and the American people get on their knees and BEG for forgiveness.

They are a stiff necked people, and will have to wallow in the evil shit they have brought down on America/Americans before God gets their attention.

“God is not mocked, for what ever man sows, that shall he also reap!”

That goes for peoples and countries also.

It will be interesting to see how many American have the stomach to eat the evil dish of Khama shit they have prepared for themselves, their prodigy, and their home Land, crawl out the other side as Humans, knowing right from wrong, and striving to do right, good, instead of evil?

Nature/God, periodically culls the herds of all types of animals, including the human animal, in order to get rid of the bad seed.

America has called down the wrath of God on their own evil cowardly asses.

Let’s see how many have the balls to take their medicine, and get well.

The weak, the spiritually dead, will die a physical death, which they have prepared for themselves.

A human animal which is spiritually dead, is an animal only.

I no longer even ask for mercy for Americans in the coming times of weeding the human garden.
Americans do not deserve mercy.
They have not show mercy to others.

What goes around, comes around!

The Ole Dog!

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