The Self-Righteous zionist Zombie Infected Control Freak

The Head Pedophilic Rat Poking his paw into the chest of the pedophile & Lady Di murdering No Chin charlie, Fake prince.

The self righteous zionist Zombie Infected control Freak-
Froths at the mouth when the virus moves the host animal to speak-

like a rabid skunk It wishes to infect all others and spread It’s spiritual death-
It needs just one more victim, as a junkie needs just one more fix of meth-

Screaming of illusions of angry gods in It’s non human virus eaten. mind-
Seemingly drawn to and fixated on innocent little boy’s behinds-

This virus like the Black Death is spread by beady eyed vermin infested Rats-
Who demand the Rats be allowed to treat Humanity as Rat door mats-

Like the Black Death the solution to humanities persecution at the paws of the zionist Zombie Virus spreading Rat pack-
Humanity in defense of Humanity, must to times of old harken back-

The answer is buried in the past, but is not a unreachable ceiling-
Not at all, Humanities Salvation is an ole time world community Rat killing!

the Ole Dog!

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