Richard-John C Carleton “The war has been over for over 150 years, get a frelling life.”

In reply to a truthful statement I made concerning the ramifications of the 1861-1865 War Crimes the USA/DC committed against Virginia, the never ended armed occupation by the same War Criminal Corporation, USA/DC, on Virginia’s current gun confiscation push, some whining son of a yankee bitch, who did not have the balls to use his last name, and the Richard first name was probably fake even.

Richard-John C Carleton
“The war has been over for over 150 years, get a frelling life.”

My reply:

John C Carleton – Richard

“But the Armed Occupation continues.
Never was real good at letting criminals claim sainthood.
Them little Southern Children, women, European and African American, gang raped till death by those pedophilic arsonist, mass murdering lying degenerate self righteous zionist yankee spawn of War Starting, Peaceful Quaker’s murdering for their land, “witch” burning “puritan” gentuza, may have been gang raped till death by the Glory-Glory Hallauehia Pedophilic War Criminals some 150 something years ago, but they still got gang raped till death by the white trash “pure blood Anglo Saxon Chosen” by the god who was never real, to rule the world, which God they stopped believing in themselves , but still believe the god they don’t believe in said they had the right to rule the world.

But to add insult to injury, their boss The War Criminal Corporation, USA/DC, has never owned up to those war crimes, much less, condemn them, or even get their evil asses out of the Southern man’s Occupied Countries.
Never was real good at spreading the opposing sides of mine own derrière for evil perverted pedophilic s of bs.
Un-pacified, Unrepentant, Un-Reconstructed, Un-lobotomized, Proud as all get out, Scotts-Irish Southern Rebel!

The Ole Dog!

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