Can You Remember Your First Memory?

Can you positively say, such and such is my first memory in this life?

I can.
Maybe two and a half to three, maybe a Bit younger even.
I did not mark the date on my calendar.

I was held in the talons, of a giant bird I take to be an eagle, a bird of prey.
We were flying high over tree tops, I could look down and see the tops of trees far below me.

Then I became aware of being me, in a bed, I jumped up, ran to my mother!
I told her as best I could, in my limited words at that age, what had happened.

I remember she told me, “It was just a dream”.

But it was not.
A giant Bird of War & strife, an Eagle, in Viking meaning bravery, war and death, carried me to my new body, my new identity, my new name, my new time.

I am of the Clan of the Wolf.
I have known war from before the birth of this rock.
I have led the pack.
I have know much of blood, of strife, of death.
I grow tired of humanities refusal to grow as spiritual beings.
I grow tired of the evil, the lies, the betrayals in Humanities hearts.

Even some tryin to make the rape of children normal!

Does humanity not understand the consequences of failing the final test of becoming a Positive Spiritual Human Being?

When my lessons are done here, when i have learned the price of that which i held, after my Clan, dearest to my heart, when i have begged for the wisdom, knowledge and understanding i brashly in my youth thought i understood, and the meanings of, When i have learned to try things other than grabbing a sword and yelling charge, in certain situations as a first resort, i will return home.

Humanity, you were given a chance to climb out of the slime, become advanced beings, and you are pissing that chance off for a cold six pack, and half an hour with a warm piece of ass!

I feel sorrow for the sheep people.
I feel sorrow for Humanity.
Perhaps they prefer to be slaves, sheep to be slaughtered at will without resistance.

I still harbor in my heart, a hope Humanity will open their eyes, ears, use their own Brians, and as a wise man once said:

“How much is the whistle worth?
How much will you pay for the whistle?
Is it worth it?”

The ole Dog!

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