The UN Is a Red Russian, Red Shield Rat Tool of Oppression, Was Conceived By the Evil Ratschilds For That Very Purpose

UN is a Rat Khazarian Mafia construct.
As such, it can not be “fixed”.

If the foundation is sound, one can build on it, several stories if desired, and if the foundation be on solid rock, barring earthquakes and such, will stand indefinitely.

But if the foundation is flawed from conception, best thing to do not bust, tare it out, to solid footing, start over with a new, solid, sound foundation.
Once i spent some time with an amphibious SeaBee Battalion.
It was a hell hole.

The HQ, all the way down to the E-7 positions, and for ones wanting to suck up, sometimes into the E-4-5 positions was infected with the abuse of those under their authority Virus..

A new NCO, a new Jr. officer, come to the command, see all that BS, bad leadership with the beatings will continue, until moral improves attitude, they would decide to fix it.

I never saw one fix much, though many tried, including myself.
I finally transferred to a NMCB battalion, because I realized, I could not fix it.

They had the lowest retention, and the most Captains Mass, of any SeaBee Battalion in the whole of the USA Navy.

The command position required a Commander, an 0-5.
Navy finally sent a Captain, 0-6, to handle the job and try to get things fixed, get rid of the beatings will continue, until Moral improves, beat the 0-6 also.
To fix that battalion, one would have to shut in completely down, fire EVERYone on the base, including civilians working with the battalions, transfer all enlisted and officers, to a reeducation school, get evaluations, see if they are able to go to other commands, with a new attitude, and not poison the new commands with their old evil.

The Battalion, when reorganized, and staffed with hand picked officers / enlisted, who have never served at that command, re-floated, closely monitored for a time, to make sure none of the old beatings until attitude somehow, reinfected the New command.

Same with the UN, fire everyone, demolish the building, start over with an organization, which no one has a veto power to use as a tool of oppression, as the Red Shield has done.

Of course, until Red Shield occupation “governments” are taken back from the Red Rats, punishment for war crimes/treason among the high ups carried out, new organizations as “governments”, which humanities interest, and the interest of the peoples of these countries or areas foremost are in existence, any attempt to form a new World Cooperation Organization, to to repair the existing flawed from conception one, will bring quick attacks by the Rat’s and their minions, which means most of the “governments” in the world, most of the media, most of the militaries, most of the cops, most of the political prostitutes.
Rats and freedom, individual determination and responsibility, can not exist in the same organizations or “governments”.

Some other Red Russian Red Shield Khazarian Mafia Rat tools are the IMF, World Bank, Bank of Settlements, British Empire, District of Colombia, (Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac), Occupied Palestine, Moscow, LONDON, and many, many more.

There are two choices for humanity.

Make the Rats fear humanity enough to make the Rats scamper back to their Khazarian Home Land of the Steppes of Russia, or Humanity trap them in cages, and forceable repatriate the Rats to the Russian Homeland.

Just go ahead, give the pedophilic Rats your children to rape/sacrifice in heathen evil Khazarian Heathen rites.

Go ahead, drop your pants, bend over, spread the cheeks of your asses.

Accept you/Humanity, are slaves to the Red Russian Khazarian Rats, and you through your cowardice, have sentenced your prodigy to eternal hell on this earth slavery, to Pedophilic mass murdering, Usury Red Shield Rats.

The Old Dog, never could stand a coward!

The Ole Dog!

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