A Plan To Stop “discrimination” Against The Red Shield Red Russian Turkmen Mongrel End of Times Death & Pedophilia Cult, Non Semitic zionist Zombie Virus Infected Kazarians

Khazarians, a Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel people, who converted to the End of Times Death and baby raping Cult, in the Steppes of Russia, in the year 0740 AD, proven by historical documents, and modern DNA testing, to be the vast majority of members of the End of Time , Usury, Slavery, War Mongering, Thieving, mass murdering, Pedophilic Death Cult, AND to NOT BE, DESCENDED from the Ancient Hebrew People.

Exercise your Right of Return, To The Steppes of Russia, Stop sucking the blood of host peoples and countries, then you won’t have to get kicked out of countries for Gang Raping little Host Countries Boys, in Heathen Black Magic Khazarian Rituals, then sacrificing them to your demon angry war “god”.

Get back to the Steppes of Russia, and you will be left alone.

Simple really, stop being pedophilic parasites, and you will not have to be kicked out of your host country, as my great grandfather type Edward the 1st had to kick your baby raping/murdering Khazarian ancestors out of England in the year 1290 AD, for gang raping, sacrificing little English boys, and Usury.
Europe developed a name for the Khazarians behavior, which is attached to the unadulterated history of the expulsions.

It is not “discrimination, to not want to be slaves to immoral, deviant blood sucking baby Rapers, and Mass Murdering Usury thieving mongrels with a proven track record of attacking the morals, ways, religions, children, pocket books of any and ALL Host Nation they have sunk into.
Thats Common sense!

The Ole Dog!

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