How Trump Appeases His Masters

No matter who is elected president of the nation is of little consequence. It is the Empire pulling all the strings on the marionette.

Trump’s policy of appeasing the Israeli lobby dates to his original courtship of evangelical voters and Israeli mega-donors during his 2016 campaign. Since his election Trump has:

  • Imposed a “Muslim ban” preventing nationals from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, and Yemen from entering the United States.
  • Closed the Palestinian Mission in Washington DC.
  • Ended US payments to the Palestinian Authority.
  • Relocated the US embassy to Jerusalem, with a new US embassy to be paid for in part by Zionist Sheldon Adelson.
  • Reneged on the JCPOA agreement and renewed US sanctions on Iran.
  • Announced that the US is the sole global authority for determining International law thus approving Israel’s annexation of the Golan.
  • Announced that the US will not oppose Israeli annexation of the West Bank.
  • Further announced US hegemony over international law by stating that illegal settlements in the Occupied Territories of Palestine are now legal.

As a result, the Israeli regime and lobby has gained more US support via Trump’s administration than it has from any other US regime.

So who rigged the election, Russia – or Israel.

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