Not One, Being, Thing, Place, “Authority”, Priest, Preacher, Flag, Is Allowed Between Me And My God

I will fess up front, i am a Deist.
Now, I don’t allow anyone or thing to make my definitions for me.
From deep, long study, I believe the name of “God”, can not be uttered with human lips, as mankind language is a verbally spoken language, and where “God” is, it is a telepathic unspoken means of communication.

Those who have clinically died, and then returned to their bodies, people from all over the world, who have never met, most all tell the same story of being hard to translateate into human language, what is said in a telepathic language on the other side of the vail.

I believe in reincarnation.

I believe these bodies are only animals souls possess in order to be able to exist and function in this world.

It is my belief this world is a school, where a soul is given a chance to learn from their failures in this and past lives.

Yes there is a “Hell”, and a “Heaven”, at the end of each life, a function of being prepared to reincarnate back to earth as another “human”, with another name.

Most times, the memory is wiped, so the soul enters the new life, like a student enters a new grade.
But sometimes unpaid debts to Karma, ands unresolved issues, follow one from life to life until the lesson is learned from that senecio.

The more evil the ass hole, the shorter their rest, and it is not really restful.
The more evil the ass hole, the longer their hell, and the more severe.

It is a personal journey, there is no one size fits all, lesson plan.

That said, any “religion”, tells you you need someone between you and your God, to translate, or intercede, is a false religion run by charlatans.

The ONLY way to grow spiritually, is to Surender to the Natural Law of God’s law.
Live with Nature, not fight or subjugate Nature.

That said, one of my favorite periods I lived through was being a Viking.
Real Viking, not the bull shit demon crap them little boy butt banging Priest wrote about the Vikings because the Vikings defended their little boys from The Church of Rome’s Pedophile Priest.

So, as God is God nor matter by which name you call him, I chose Odin!

Seems to me, going to the Church of Romes Heaven, sucks!
Ya got streets of Gold!
So what, it is everywhere, it’s worthless.
And you can’t have sex!
With all that gold, you can not get laid!
Thats Hell!
Sex is dirty remember, unless you are making another baby for the Church of Rome’s future armies of evil.
Or of course, if it is a priest sticking his holy pole in some boy’s behind, in an attempt to save his soul, via his hole!
So surly, no sex in heaven!

All you do is walk around all day playing a harp, singing praises to “God”.

Now in Valhalla, get to BBQ the goat every day, goat comes back to life for tomorrows BBQ.

Drink all the Mead made from honey you want to.

Them voluptuous Viking serving girls!
Sex is not only encouraged in Valhalla, IT IS DAMN WELL EXPECTED!

The only thing one has to do, other than eat BBQ, drink mead, bed the gals, is to go practice fighting everyday!

Now thats HEAVEN!

Red headed gals, sharp spoken when angry, but so soft when willing.
The blond gals, now I am, not saying I would throw one back in the pond!
Black haired gals, passion hidden under dark rivers of hair.
The brunettes, my-my-my!

I pick a six string a bit, not really into harps.
Odin agrees he wished he could have left Waylon in the world a bit longer, but he had to get him ready for another gig.

Tis Valhalla for me!

The Ole Dog!

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