The “Officer-Friendly” Police Fantasy

This is the sign in your rear view mirror, which means, if you are lucky, you will only be robbed at gun point of the fruits of your labor so political whores can live the high life without laboring, if you are lucky.
It could also mean rape, beatings, false imprisonment, or death.

When I was a young man, Texas had Peace Officers.
They kept the peace.
They knew when to look the other way when some Anti-freedom, Anti-human “rule” was being broken, and no one or no ones property hurt.

Now there are “Law” enFORCEment.

Todays “law” enFORCEment, means just that.
The politicians could pass a rule, they get to rape your children, (they already do in many cases), and if you tried to stop these pedophile politicians raping your children these “law” enFORCEment types would shoot you for trying to protect your children from predators, “because you broke the “law”.

“Law” enFORCEment murders Americans all the time, and corrupt Corporate “courts”, protect the murderers of Americans from Americans.

They shoot deaf bicycle riders in the back when they do not stop riding, do not piss their pants in fear, when verbally order to do so, from their back where they can not read the murderers lips.

They have murdered folks for walking across streets when there was no traffic coming, because like sheep, they did not wait for a walk light, or cross where there is not a cross walk.

You have, again and again, cases of police murdering folks who defend themselves when their door is kicked in while they are sound asleep at night , many times the cops got the wrong house, or some snitch gave bad information, or as in many cases, the police are planting drugs to make arrest so they look good and get promoted.

And the corporate courts protect the badge wearing murdering criminals.

There are probably some cops out there who wish it were not so, try their best to avoid the corruption and cop crimes, but they as a percentage are damn few.

When you prey on a people and as armed criminal, what makes you think the “civilians”, as the civilian cops call the “sheep without badges”, should love, respect or befriend you?

You are, if you are wearing a badge today, under the “athurity” of the “State, or crime cabal USA/DC, an oppressor of humanity.

In a free land, the decent folks don’t fear contact with the police, as the decent folks do in America under the occupation of USA/DC.

The ole Dog!

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