Why The Child Gang Raping Self Righteous Mass Murdering yankee War Criminals Invaded The Confederacy

Whatever the Red Shield Pedophilic Usury Ratschilds Bankers and treasonous yankee politicians may have been up to behind the curtain, I will tell you why the USA illegally invaded a foreign government, The Confederacy of individual Nation States.

A puritan self righteous yankees, has no code except the code of the jungle.
Might makes right.
They believe they are a chosen by “god” to rule people, even though by the time of the USA’s illegal invasion, most puritans no longer believed in a god, as their god had always been a false god, they figured that out, Imperialism became their new religion.
USA is the State Religion.

The yankees had more votes in the DC government, so they voted their hands into the Southern pockets, proceeded to economically rape the Southern States, divide the loot up between yankee States.

South got tired of that, seceded.
Legally by the USA’s own rules.

When Lincoln called for 75,000 troops from all the States still in the Union, to invade the Confederacy, there were 7 Confederate Slave states, and 10 USA slave States.
Lincoln was asking slave Staes, to send men, “to do away with slavery”, if you read the USA’s History books.

My cousin I am proud to say, General Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson, CSA.
Murdered by USA/DC yankee puritan self-righteous War Criminals, for trying to stop them from gang raping ministers daughters after having burned the churches and parsonages, among other War Crimes.

Lincoln was a war criminal, a closet homosexual, a railroad shyster lawyer, a manic depressive, an atheist, an A-moral man, but even he would not have been stupid enough to call on slave States such as Virginia, to send men to do away with slavery.

The yankee wanted to be the slave master, the Southern people were mostly Scott-Irish, seen as animals by the self righteous holder than thou evil child gang raping and “witch” burning bunch of criminal yankees.

My cousin I am proud to say, General Richard Taylor, CSA.
Last General to surrender troops East of the Mississippi.
In his excellent book, ‘Destruction and Reconstruction’, he tells of how when he surrendered, a Red Bolshevik who could barely speak English with a thick German accent, in a yankee generals uniform, told him:
“Now we. will teach you rebels real American Values”.
Richard replied:
“It pains me greatly, my grandfather, an officer in the American Revolution, and my father, the president of the united States, did not teach me real American Values!”
Most of your Confederates, were the grandsons, great and great great grandsons, of many American Revolution against the British, soldiers.

The yankee wanted the land, wealth of the South,.
The yankee also swore, in Newspaper editorials, 1860-1861, (I have a two volume set), all over yankee land, the South would never be allowed to control the mouth of the Mississippi, thus have the yankee under their thumb, instead of the other way around.

The “Rebellion” this War Criminal Drunk, failed business man, and later, most corrupt presidential administration until Bill the Pedophile sex attack tool Clinton came along was referring to, was the Legal under the USA’s own constitution, secession of the Southern States.
When the War Criminal USA tried to try Confederate President, Jefferson Davis for treason, the better yankee minds figured out it was still legal under the USA constitution, put Jeff Davis on trial, he would prove it was still legal, making the yankee 1861-1865 war crimes, PROVEN IN A USA COURT OF RECORD, in front of the whole world, War Crimes.
So they let him go, and tried to act like they were being generous not to try him, forgiving even!

So in a war crime, the USA invaded, did War Crimes for four years, of the most vile and base sort.

His “peace”, is the invading War Criminal’s “peace”.
In other words, yankee rape, robbery, mass murder and occupation.

The vile yankee war criminals, Genocided the Southern Scotts-Irish, along with a whole lot of African Americans.

Then claiming back taxes, for lands which were not part of the USA during the 1861-65 period, the yankee stole the best of the land.

Nice folks don’t you think?
Especially as they were the invading war criminals.

The theft and occupation, still to this day has negative effects on the Occupied Southern States, the huge pot of wealth stolen not only during the war, but the Captive States drained of their natural resources for the 154 years and counting occupation by the USA War Criminals.

Here is a book which breaks down the negative effects the war crimes by the USA has had till this day on the occupied States, and one Republic.

‘Born Fighting: How the Scots-Irish Shaped America’

The USA/DC zionist yankee “official History” books, should be filed in the library under F for Fiction.

God Bless General Robert E Lee!

The Ole Dog!

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