Red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen Type Red Shield Rats Spread Diseases To Humans

The Head Red Russian Expat & Spawn thereof Non Semitic Khazarian Terrorist in Occupied Palestine.

Red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen type Red Shield Rats spread diseases to humans.

Human Sacrifice.
Unsound economy/currency.
Promotion of Usury Debt Slavery.
Rampant in your face homosexuality.
Erosion of Natural God Given Rights.
Attacks on the Host history/social norms and values.

In times of ole, and days of yore, when the Rats bred to the point they grew bold, started destroying food supplies for humans, spreading diseases, our ancestors would have a big ole community Rat killing.

All the folks would come together and hunt down the Rats.
Wouldn’t get all of them, but get enough to get things under control, so humans were in charge of their own destiny again, not the baby raping and human sacrificing Rats.

The Ole Dog!

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