Why The Child Gang Raping Self Righteous Mass Murdering yankee War Criminals Invaded The Confederacy

Whatever the Red Shield Pedophilic Usury Ratschilds Bankers and treasonous yankee politicians may have been up to behind the curtain, I will tell you why the USA illegally invaded a foreign government, The Confederacy of individual Nation States. A puritan self righteous yankees, has no code except the code of the jungle. Might makes right. […]

Red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen Type Red Shield Rats Spread Diseases To Humans

Red Russian Non Semitic Turkmen type Red Shield Rats spread diseases to humans. War. Usury. Pedophilia. Beastiality. Human Sacrifice. Unsound economy/currency. Promotion of Usury Debt Slavery. Rampant in your face homosexuality. Erosion of Natural God Given Rights. Attacks on the Host history/social norms and values. In times of ole, and days of yore, when the […]

Sleeping With The Third Reich: America’s Unspoken “Alliance” with Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union

Without US support to Nazi Germany, the Third Reich would not have been able to wage war on the Soviet Union. Germany’s oil production was insufficient to wage a major military campaign. Throughout the war, the Third Reich relied on regular shipments of crude oil  from US Standard Oil owned by the Rockefeller family. The […]