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I am in the winter of my life now, seen a lot of things, did a lot of things, got the scars to prove it, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

I recall a time, growing up in the Texas hill country, in the 1960s and 1970s.

Three to four AM stations, come in on the radio fairly well during the day, but when they cut their power at night, you lost them.

But in the glass half full mode, there came in at night, so many wonderful stations skipping on clouds, from far away.
Recall one Country and Western Trucker Station, out of Louisiana, Slidell I believe.

Two of Paul Harvey stories I will always remember.

One, a man was trying to sell his .22 caliber pistol to a friend, to show him the safety worked, he put the safety on, put the pistol to his head, pulled the trigger.
Paul Harvey said, “He was 21 years old!”

The other, I remember more fondly.

My father and I were in that 53 mercury, and Paul Harvey came on.

Seems a bank robber in Little Rock Arkansas went into a bank, waved a pistol around, announced a robbery.
He told everyone, stay calm, do not panic.

The bank president walked over to a desk, picked up the phone receiver, called his home, told his wife:
“Honey, you know that revolver I keep in the drawer by my side of the bed?
Please bring it to the bank, there is a man here trying to rob the bank”.

Paul Harvey said:
“The would be bank robber, panicked, and ran out of the bank.
Paul Harvey, Good Day!”

Those were good days.

The Ole Dog!

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