Putin is a Red Shield Bitch

Strong family resemblance, wouldn’t you say so?

Putin has Khazarian blood.
His grandfather I think it was, cooked for Stalin and other zionist Red Russian Khazarian big wigs.

Putin is KGB, OR Whatever it is badged nowadays.

There is an ideological Red Russian running Russia, protecting his Non semitic Khazarian kin in Occupied Palestine, where they are Holocausting the Semitic Palestinians in the Indigenous Palestinian souls own Ancestral Home Land by Khazarian terrorist, Red Russian Expats and Spawn thereof.

Persia, (Iran), is an ancient Kingdom, (Empire), which my ancestor Alexander the Great came to love and admire for it’s culture and knowledge, hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus the Christ.
Iran, (Persia, has not attacked another country which did not first attack it for right around 300 years.
Persia does not have Nuclear Weapons, and USA intelligence until the looney bin of lately, always said, they are not trying to make nukes.

The other?

This Red Shield Non Semitic Khazarian military outpost of the Rat Run “British” Empire, staffed by useful idiot Red Russian Expats and Spawn thereof Turkmen type Non Semitic Khazarians, has from 99-300, depending who’s intelligence figures are used, nukes they threaten to blow the world up with if anyone tries to stop their crime spree.
(Samson Option).

And Putin defends his Khazarian War Criminal Kin, and “cautions” Iran not to stand up to Israhell Crime Cabal, in Occupied Palestine.

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