It is Later than You Know

As I took my morning stroll down a trail in deep thought-
There came an stranger approached and in hailing said it was me he sought-

Having been deep within my own mind with no concept of time or distance of my wandering line-
Asked him with a nod of my head if he perhapses could tell me the time-

It’s later than you think he said in reply to my inquiry of him-
His fierce burning eyes seemed to slowly go dim-

He said humanity has wasted so much energy, time, so many precious lives in war-
They are so behind where they must be, oh so very very far-

The hoof beats of the approaching houseman cause humanity to cower in the illusions of protection of the dark
Praying to a long forgotten god they rejected many generations ago, the horsemen miss their mark-

The brightness you see around the edges of the evil is the coming illumination of the LIGHT-
Arising like a warm spring’s sun from the all encompassing blackness of the night-

But the souls must awaken from their zionist zombie induced servitude-
They must advance or humanity fail, the Laws of Nature give no latitude-

Mankind has dug the fossils of failed species from Mother Earth for generations past-
Now they must decide to do or die, fail and become fossils themselves at last.

A warning to future species who later pass this way to not take humanities greedy quarrelsome way-
In that path salvation never did, and does not now lay-

Give them warning he said, tell they each must search their own heart-
Each and every one of them must repent, must do their own part-

To try to save humanity from total extinction of the race-
They bring justly upon themselves by choosing to be base-

I must go now, I am tired, worn and ready to depart for the other shore-
I have warned them for many lifetime, and for many a life time they have abused me sore-

My sentence is done, my repentance ascended to the Heavens like smoke when the vail of hell is torn-
And I shall humbly ride on to Valhalla on the back of a winged Unicorn-

Humanity must stand on it’s own now or fail-
Sentencing the whole species to the failure of Hel-

A bit of mineral which has replaced the bone-
Of a long gone species which simply would not atone-

Dug many thousands of years forward from the earth-
By a more advanced species to which Mother Nature has not yet given birth-

As he finished, there landed a pure white winged Unicorn of the gods own stable-
He hopped upon it’s back, said tell humanity to find some balls if they are able-

They fly solo now, it is sink or swim, fly or crash and burn-
But hurry it up, more species are eagerly awaiting their turn-

Then they were gone like a shooting star against the black–
Heading straight for Valhalla, joyous he was on his way back-

I turned around to retrace my steps from whence I came-
With all he told me making me understand humanity could not continue to do the same-

Self serving evil, giving in to each base urge-
Obediently dropping a hundred dollars in the plate on Sunday to purge-

Their feeling of guilt, place it on another’s shoulders to bare-
But by Sunday night be naked on their knees in the bed of the Red dragon’s lair-

So humanity do you repent, humble yourselves and spiritually grow-
Or will the fossil dug up enos from now be your petrified big toe?

The Ole Dog!

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