As The Fog Rolled In Like Ghost Through The Vail, The Ice Made The Crossing A Living Hell-

As the fog rolled in like ghost through the vail-
The ice made the crossing a living hell-

The chunks of float ice bumping against the bow-
Startled the praying man who wondered if and how-

They would safely pass this terrifying dance with death-
Yet still some in battle with the rising of the sun, to expel their life’s final breath-

Upon his shoulders depended the rebel hopes of a new people in an old land-
The hopes and dreams of a new nation would live or die tonight by his men’s hand-

He wondered for the thousandth time if his decision had been right and wise-
He flinched at the thought of the soon to be wounded and dying’s cries-

Long through the night desperate men struggled across the river swift, icy and wide-
From the damp and cold, there was simply no place to hide-

As the last boat landed on the other side and the men formed up in ranks-
The general knelt quickly out of sight to give an humble thanks-

For loosing not one man in the long cold hours of the night-
Asking blessing of this his plan, his back to the wall dependent of Gods Might-

At Trenton that Christmas morning in 1776 a birth of a nation was secured-
Many years of fighting lay ahead, nothing was assured-

But to the brave men, terrified, yet overcame that fear for freedoms sake-
Who did risk their all for future Americans a Land of freedom to make-

Let not their sacrifice be in wasted, their tears and blood spilt be in vain-
The tears spilled over those who’s blood spilled was like a sorrowful rain-

Honor your ancestors who toiled and fought to to give you your chance-
To see how you stack up when the big bad wolf picks you for that perilous dance-

The Ole Dog!

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