Who were the Ulfhedinn?

If you have Scotts-Irish/Norman in you, you have Viking Blood.
French also have Viking blood, though you would not know it to look at them now.

Them Norman Viking had sons and daughters, and them Frenchies had sons and daughters, so a lot of heing and sheing went on across the lines.

Political alliance to be made.

Then the Viking History, is your heritage.

One does well to be silent in meditation, so ones forebears may whisper wisdom of lessons learned, fights won or lost.

Lo there do I see my Father-
Lo there do I see Mother and my sisters and my Brothers-
Lo there do I see my line of People back to the Beginning-
lo they do call to me-
They Bid me take my Place Among them-
In the Halls of Valhalla-
Where the Brave may Live Forever!