The DC/USA Empire Is Dying

The Romans, choose not to believe the Roman Empire was dying, until their children and women, were being raped / killed in the Streets of Rome by the Gauls.

America. was a dream of a Land where European wars and evil could be left behind.
A land where the common man did not have to kiss some king’s minion’s or pope’s minion’s ass.

As you can see, things went terribly wrong!

Let me show you a picture of most Americans.

Or this.

I take no satisfaction in their self imposed ignorance and treasonous cowardly behavior.

God, by whatever name one chooses to call That Which Is, sometimes sends messengers to warn people to repent or face the consequences.

Many of these are the people you see writing articles, calling for America, the world, to turn back to the values of their fathers, find some honor, some truth.

There is a LAW, Gods law, not mans attempt at rules.

A soul, or a people, a country, a nation, a world, must be warned.
The soul, the people, can not be held accountable until they are warned.

You bible readers will recall the story of Jonah and the Whale.

God told Jonah, go warn these people in this town over here, if they don’t stop their evil, repent, I will destroy their city and all in it!

Now, Jonah had tried to get those folks to stop their evil, many times.
They laughed at him, made fun of him, said he was crazy.

Jonah at this point did not want to see these, his tormenters spared, he wanted to see them BBQed like a goat over slow Texas Mesquite coals!

So he ran from his duty of warning these people to repent.
That did not turn out well, so he went warned them, they repented, God spared them, and Jonah did not get to see them BBQed like a goat over slow coals!

Maybe next time Jonah!
You know they can not try to act right more than two or three generations.

Many many voices have warned the American people, judgement is coming.
Used to be a fire and brimstone preacher, had a sermon called ‘Pay Day Some Day’.

America, you have laid with the Great Whore, Dressed all in Purple.
What goes around comes around.
The evil Karma which Americans, collaborated with the DC/USA Empire to do to others, MUST come home to roost.

It is Gods Law.

Now, you can not escape the Horsemen, escape “what ever man sows, so shall he reap”.

The question is, will America repent, so that God spares them as a people?

Now, personally I have spent over forty years as John the Baptist said, “A voice crying in the wilderness”.
Trying to warn the American people to repent, find some truth and honor, turn back to the values of their ancestors.

Personally, when it hits the fan, I would welcome Jonah to sit out on my front porch with me, good cups of coffee, a pump shotgun, a guitar, playing and singing “another one bits the dust”, as the evil stiff necked American sheep get what they deserve.

But I bow to the will of the Master.

That leaves the question, will the American sheep repent?

Because if not, I want to make sure and send Jonah an invitation to the show.

The Ole Dog

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