Been Busy Cleaning Up Behind “mayor” pendejoberg And The Texican Hating, Confederate Statue, Cannons, Time Capsule, Park Stealing, RICO Criminals, Crime Cabal Down At SAN ANTONIO city hall

Travis Park, San Antonio, Republic of Texas, Occupied.
Travis park, before Mayor Pendejoberg and his merry band of Texaican hating RICO ACT violators on “CITY COUNCILE, stole the statue, cannons, and a time capsule off of land the City does not own!

Been busy.

Couple of pendejoberg’s uninsured motorist got into a macho-macho man fight using cars, in a residential area, so one ended up taking out my wife’s mailbox, a beautiful twenty foot tree I dug up and replanted when it was about three inches high, took a big limb and lots of bark, off of my huge lime tree I was given when it was about three inches high in a red solo cup.

Oh yes, damaging the side fence.

Thanks pendejoberb!

Thanks crime cabal down at city hall.

Have to go buy things to put up a temporary mail box until the high dollar lock mail box comes in and gets installed.

Under Pendejoberg, mail thrift has gotten so bad the bunch in sodom and Gomorrah on the Colorado had to pass a law making mail theft a punishable crime instead of a slap on the wrist!

When I get a chance, I will write it up blow by blow.

The Ole Dog!

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