Viking Axe & Shield Combat

There was never a Viking helmet found which had horns.

This was the invention of pedophile priest of the church of Rome telling lies on their betters.

One wants to look at violence, cruelty, theft on a massive scale, study the history of the Church of Rome, along with her Protestant sisters, or the other two Abrahamic religions.

One will read again and again, from supposed historians, not one understands why the Viking burst out raiding around 0700 AD onward.

That is poppy cock!

Thats when the evil pedophile mind control priest of the church of Rome, caught up with them, started trying to poison the minds of their young, with their angry war god who would BBQ them like a goat over Texas Mesquite slow coals, if they did not do EXACTLY as this god said, via the Vatican, and attending countries.

SO the perception of Vikings as heathens, is just one more lie from cowardly pedophile priest of perversion.

The Ole Dog!

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