Eleven Hundred Missing Years of History Since the Murder Of Jesus The Christ

Bumped into a well researched lady who told me, at the council of Nicaea, the pedophilic priest of the crowd control cult of the Church of Rome, had along with rewriting all the old writings, they then cobbled together as a bible, erased 1100 years of history.

Seems impossible don’t it?
Yet I already felt there was years of history missing, I just was not sure where.

Consider how few people, in the Western World, and most of the other parts of the world as well, actually could read and write.

Even most kings depended on the Church of Rome Scribes, to tell them what things said, or to write the terms of treaties for them.

When you have a very uneducated mass of people, who for the most part hear religious ceremonies in Latin, which they do not understand, you can tell em about anything you want, and they will not only believe it, but die defending the illusion planted into their brains from birth.

Did not get more than a few minuets talking to her, got a web site which I have not gotten to, been running 90 miles and hour on a rocky country road.

This world, operates on a give or take, 26,000 year cycle.

This means the true time is about one thousand forty years into the the upward Silver Era.

The awakening!
The Enlightenment!

Dark forces are trying to keep an illusion taped, wired, stitched together, to keep humanity from receiving the knowledge Enlightenment brings humanity.

They control most media outlets, most “governments”, most “universities”, Publishers, science fields, medical fields, in the world today.

But in the end they will lose.
They will not have the blood letting of the long lusted for WW 3.
They may stage a poor substitute for it, but they can not have the real thing.
It has been decided.

Humanity will receive the illumination, the Rats who have used humanity for cattle, will be found only in the dark places where evil hides from the light, as is proper.
Not running to and fro upon the earth, devouring whom they may, openly, gloatingly!

Busy as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest, but when I find out a bit more, I will post.

Just think, it is not 2019 AD.
It is 3119 AD.

You have been herded like sheep to the slaughter.

Refuse to march peacefully through these slaughterhouse doors!

If humanity is to survive as anything but slaves to the Red Shield, if the Dream of America is to survive, ALL, of her Sons and Daughters must Stand Up For Her!

The Ole Dog!

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