I do not believe Time on the Other Side, is the Same, or Synced with Earth Time

When it comes to the time spent on the other side, atoning for “sins”, before reincarnation, a military mind refuses to think such an advanced organization as runs this world, and at least a chunk of the other side, would hinder the advancement of reincarnation, learning, by yoking this earth, these reincarnating students, with the dragging anchor of time spent on the other side dealing with past life’s transgressions or mistakes.

I propose in simple terms, the “times” are not the same.
In reality, there is no “time”, just the present.

The past is the past, the present is now the past and the future is now the present.

Thank goodness for that!
Cause humanity, Americans front and center of humanity, have a hell of a lot of cramming and. catching up to do!

The Ole Dog!

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