Checkpoint Asia, is not only a Bitc# for the Red Shield, They Do the Three Point Bow to the Rats, and Spread the Cheeks of Their Own Cavernous Bought and Paid for minion Situpons

When the Red Shield Dragon Blow Job Giving, Checkpoint Asia controlled asset site, could not find a Hazbara could rebuttal my truth, they contacted “technical difficulties” for a couple of days to keep me off the site, then just out right banned me for telling the Gods Honest Truth.

Been meaning to point out the Rat’s bitches run the little Mossad/CIA site, spread the cheeks of their own asses to form a receptacle for the Red Shield dragon Rat’s perturbing sex toy!

Must suck to be such low life slime!
No self respect!

Been meaning to do a similar short piece on a pedophile promoting, American hating little hole where some Anti-American, Anti-Freedom for America “writers” peddle some of their pro DC/LONDON/Tel Aviv propaganda.
Call themselves TruthDig!
Banned my ass for telling the truth.
LieDig seems a better name!
Or, We Hate America, But Love Pedophiles!

They banned me for telling the truth also, have the screen shots still.

It is just Mossad/CIA BS outlets, (controlled Oppositions), are a dime a dozen, they can start one up, put a front guy on it, when it outlives it’s usefulness, they just start a couple more new ones with new front guys.

In the end, they are just whores who sold their souls for a warmer place to sleep, and a better brand of booze to drown their realization of what they really Are.

Got another short piece to do on my Texas site, about an idiot who mistreated a live Big Mouth Bass on video, then posted it on YouRube.

Seems the bass was innocent, and the Mossad whores are not, so the bass is more important to humanity than the Mossad/CIA/Red Shield perverts and prostitutes!

Carry On!

The Ole Dog!