Eric Burdon & The Animals – Sky Pilot – Long Version

I dedicate this to my father, a minister who taught me the true meaning of honor!

The grandson of a Confederate Soldier, who in his Chaplain duty, knelt with yankee bullets whizzing by, to give comfort to his dying Brothers in Arms, fighting the evil child raping invaders and despoilers of their homeland.

A Chaplain should never be forbidden to go in harms way with his brothers in arms, for how can he be brothers in arms with them, least he bare arms, or at least share the danger when they bare arms in defense of home, family, community, country!

But know what?
If there were no wars, then there would be no need for men who are needed tending the ills of everyday lives of their flocks, leaving their families, flocks to the wolves of war, go to give courage/comfort to dying friends and brothers in arms?

Humanity has to draw the line and grow up sometime!

Why not now?

John C Carleton
The Ole Dog!