This is an example of Indoctrinating a Child With Chosen Bull Shit!

They grow up to be supporters of mass murders, based on bull shit indoctrination of our god is better than your god, our blood is better than your blood.

This one is Non Semitic Khzarian, from the Steppes of Russia and spawn thereof chosen ones.

But the same self righteousness evil chosen indoctrination, is what got all those little children, women gang raped, many till death, whole cites filled with humans, blown apart, burned, everything stolen, then the Land occupied, people made slaves in the Southern North America, by the yankee USA evil.

Just that chosen ones, were the evil Cromwellian puritan witch burning, peaceful quaker murdering and running off their land Anglo-Saxon better than you yankee.

Don’t matter the blood, genes, skin color, teaching we are better than them is like throwing gas on a fire.

It must be stopped.

Humanity must realize, they are all in this together, and work together for peaceful coexistence, and a better world.

The children they bring into the world deserve a chance for peace, love and spiritual growth.

John C Carleton

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