Yahweh is what the Indoctrinated with zionist lies, think of as Satan

Earliest known depiction of Jesus the Christ, from the Jordanian Lead Tablets

The God of the Hebrews, at the time of Kings David and Solomon, who i am descended from by the way, was a Female God, who could become male to procreate.

The Late term Hebrews went off after false gods, served what the sheep know as Satan, (Yahweh), angry War God, who approves of raping children, slavery, bashing babies brains out against rocks, Usury, armmed robbery, mass slaughters.

Jesus the Christ, in addition to trying to stir up a rebellion against the Romans, was telling the Hebrews, (not non semitic Russian expat halfbreed khazarians), to repent, stop their evil, stop serving the false demonic angry war god, and return to the God of their Fathers, which is not Yahweh.

The Late Term Hebrews, did not want to return to the god of their fathers, so they helped Rome murder Jesus, and partied on, chasing orphans into dark dead end alleys, stealing the widow’s last Mite and home with Usury, starting wars, running slavery, armed robbery and mass murders.

So the Christ, called in the Horsemen on them as he cussed them for evil degenerates and cowards, as they nailed his butt to a tree, not a cross.

Thats why they ceased to exist as a people.
Closest thing are the Yemen people with about 10 percent of Ancient Hebrew Genome.
You remember the Yemens, the ones the Non Semitic Russian Khazarian expats are helping Saudi Holocaust?

Talmud is the evil pedophilic ravings of criminal insane degenerates who left their first LOVE for a whore dressed in purple.

The evil zionist zombie virus was passed to the Khazarians in the Steppes of Russia in the year 0740 AD.

The Ole Dog!

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