Controversial Lead Codices With Earliest Written Account of Jesus Confirmed Authentic

What this article does not say, which some others have, is Jesus the Christ, came not to start a new religion, but to get the late period Judain Hebrews to return to the God of their fathers at the Times of Kings David and Solomon, which was female.

In the church of Rome bible, cobbled together in 0325 AD, at the council of Nicaea, it was rewritten, the goodness or badness of “gods” and dieties were switched.

The original God of the hebrews, El Elyon, The Most High God was written out of Hebrew history by the late period Hebrews.
Yahweh who was a Son of the Most High God and the protecting angel of the Hebrews was drafted without his agreement to be the replacement god.

If you are now serving “the one true God”, and you want to claim he did all those things for the hebrews the original God did, can not have that early period God cluttering up their late term politically correct history now can you?

John C Carleton

In 2007, Jennifer Solignac and David Elkington were shown images of a newly discovered set of books, of codices. They were surprising in one particular way: they were composed almost entirely of impure lead. Attempts to bring the lead codices into the public eye soon led to controversy and dismissals that they were fake – from people and institutions that had never even analyzed them.
However, patient analysis and investigation have revealed the fact that the lead codices are both authentic and ancient.
Visiting the Homeland of the Lead Codices
We had been shown a number of strange looking books or codices – a series of lead plates bound together by lead wire – seventy in all and had managed to take a lot of detailed, high definition images. Now we had to discover the valley where the codices came from. It was located in northern Jordan. During a number of visits there in 2009 and 2011 we discovered much: an intact first century burial chamber, an olive press and all the signs of very long-term habitation. There were caves everywhere, furthermore, it was known that the early Christians had been here – there was still an intact Christian monastic cell high up in the cliff-face.

“More Important than the Dead Sea Scrolls”
What we were looking at were very early books. The discovery was soon to be described as ‘more important than the Dead Sea Scrolls ’ by the Director of Antiquities in Amman, Jordan – and here we were in Northern Jordan, in pursuit of documents that could very well change everything we know of the origins of Christianity.

The documents first came to light in 2007 when we were first asked to provide an initial assessment. At first glance they looked unremarkable – odd leather books that looked quite beaten up and, frankly, such things are to be seen on the open market. Ever since the discovery of the Nag Hammadi texts in 1945 all manner of codices have flooded the market, most of them forgeries.
However, it was when we were informed that they were made entirely of lead rather than leather that we realized that we were looking at something unique. This was soon confirmed by an enquiry to the Palestine Exploration Fund in London: on the theme of lead codices we could find nothing.

Earliest Know depiction of Jesus the Christ


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