US attempting to impede jihadist defeat in Syria with new sanctions: Russia

By imposing new sanctions on fuel deliveries to Russian servicemen in Syria, the United States is trying to hamper completely eliminating terrorism in the country, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement released on Friday.

“Masks have finally fallen off as we are talking about direct plans to prevent complete elimination of terrorists on the Syrian territory,” the Foreign Ministry said commenting on new US sanctions.

The ministry said that the fight against terrorism in Syria will continue despite the fact that the United States condones extremists and allows them to illegally occupy part of the country, “thus preventing the Syrian conflict from ending.”

“The Russian side has long noted with worry that Washington is ‘supervising’ terrorists from Jebhat al-Nusra [banned in Russia] and Heyat Tahrir al-Sham [banned in Russia], provides them with everything necessary and tries to shield them fron strikes even though there are direct successors of Al-Qaeda [banned in Russia] and are recognized as terrorist organizations everywhere,” the Foreign Ministry said.


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