The Father Of The Country, Wants To Know Why USA/WASHINGTON DC, Murdered His Great Grand Nephew, In Virginia, 13th of September, 1861 And His First Cousin In Germany, 21 Dec. 1945?

Confederate States Army Officer. Great grandnephew of George Washington and the last Washington to own “Mount Vernon”. In 1840 he graduated from the University of Virginia. Three years later he married Eleanor Love Seldon. He purchased a farm in Fauquier County, Virginia called “Waveland” where he made his home. His wife died in 1860 from childbirth. When Virginia seceded from the Union John volunteered to defend Virginia in the oncoming conflict. He served as aide-de-camp on the staff of General Robert E. Lee in the campaign of western Virginia. He was commissioned Lieutenant Colonel on this campaign. While reconnoitering in the Cheat Mountains of now West Virginia he was shot from ambush when there was not an ongoing battle by Assassins sent by Washington DC.

Shot three times in the back, his personal possessions stolen and divided like the Centurions divided Jesus the Christ cloths.

George, the Father of the Country, would also like to know why USA/WASHINGTON DC, murdered his first cousin, General George Patton, in Germany, 21 December, 1945, because he did not sell out America to the Red Bolshevik Communist Bastards like Ike and FDR did?

Well you self righteous baby raping Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac sons of bitches, WHY?

George is waiting for your answer you mother hunching pieces of murdering dog shit!

John Carleton