As a Texican, The Evils which Goes On In Washington DC, Is None of My Business-That The USA Is Still Occupying My Country, Is Damn Well My Business!

Travis Park, San Antonio, Republic of Texas, Occupied.
Travis park, before Mayor Pendejoberg and his merry band of Texaican hating RICO ACT violators on “CITY COUNCIL, stole the Confederate memorial, cannons, and a time capsule off of land the City does not own!

Our forefathers, who left their families, went to meet the British Army, with squirrel rifles and old muskets left over from the French Indian wars, they did not go fight for a place called the UNITED States OF AMERICA.
Thats the current commercial corporation farming Americans like cattle.

They did not go to fight for a place called the United States of America.
Thats the illegal corporation the war criminal Lincoln used to steal all power and assets from the united States of America.
Lincoln subjugated his fake constitution for the old constitution, which is close enough to fool most Americans who never study their own damn real history anyway.

They did not fight for a place called the united States of America.
Small u signifying the subjugation of the “federal’ “government”, to the Sovereign States.

The American Patriots, did not fight under or for the constitution Lincoln’s constitution replaced either.

That constitution was forced on free men, after the war, who won their freedom with their blood, years of desperate fighting.
The Usury bankers, Empire builders, shyster lawyers, and aristocratic elites, with the forcing of a constitution on the common man, he did not fight for or under, which stole their newly won freedom from them.

The only legitimate Constitution, was called The Articles of Confederation.
That Constitution recognized the “federal” government, served at the pleasure of the Sates, which were independent Sovereign Countries

It spelled out the States were the master, any Country freely entering into the Union, had the absolute right to exit the Union unhindered, if the Union stopped serving the intreats of the people of the individual country one lived upon the face of.

The United States OF AMERICA, the United States of America, nor the united States of America, have a damn thing too do with my country, the occupied Republic of Texas.

They do not exist any more.

The only thing the evil bunch of baby rapers, bribe takers, blackmailed worn out prostituted bimbos, their male political whore counterparts, who daily commit treason against Americans and America, who hold forth in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, the United States OF AMERICA, INTERNATIONAL FOR PROFIT CORPORATION, SUB CORPORATION OF THE EVIL OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE has to do with my country, the occupied by lies and force, Republic of Texas, is as an evil, illegitimate invader and occupier.

Which means I do not give a flying trapeze what happens to DC.
My suggestion is build a tall fence around it, turn it into a landfill for the yankee trasher’s trash.

Every sorry war criminal State which helped Rape, rob, murder, burn, their way across the south, can go to hell as far as I am concerned, the yankee evil, are not my people.

Every piece of dog leavings which entered the occupied Republic of Texas under the guns of the occupier, who helped the yankee occupier rape the occupied Republic of Texas, helped the occupier deface, tare down, dishonor, the Texican’s monuments to their ancestors who died trying to stop the yankee child gang raping to death, burning, robbing, murdering sorry piece of shit sorry degenerate yankee bastards, will need to be cleared out, once the evil bunch of baby rapering, bribe takeing, blackmailed worn out prostituted bimbos, and their male political whore counterparts, who daily commit treason against Americans and America from DC are cleared out.

The Republic of Texas must have returned to her, her freedom from the oppressive child raping degernerate evil of DC.

There is no more Confederacy, and no one wants to refight that war.

The USA empire is dying, but the evil which is the pedophillic evil of DC, is trying to suck every drop of blood, every last cent, out of the occupied countries, in order to keep the evil of DC going a bit longer.

As I have already stated,. DC. can
stand on a street corner and do what she does best, sell her ass to the highest bidder.

I no longer care what happens there.

Not part of my country, my land, my people.

No concern of mine.

Once the countries are all free of the evil of DC, the ones chose to be, then the individual countries, can if they desire ink trade agreements and such, directly through their own governments, without the hindrance or corrupt evil of DC

Get the One Empire USA out of your head, it is an illusion, it is a bad dream.
It was never real!

Only through Individual Sovereignty of the many Countries on the face of North America, can America be healed of the evil puritan disease, which like a cancer, is eating the soul of America and Americans

John C Carleton

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