Kingdom Of Carleton Announces The Official Flower Of Kingdom Of Carleton, Solanum Elaeagnifolium, (Silver Leaf Night Shade)

Kingdom of Carleton announces the selection of the Silver leaf night Shade as the official flower of the kingdom.

A beautiful flower growing on a hardy wild plant.

During the late war of the criminal rape of the South by the USA, the Confederacy had a plant in East Texas making medicine out of the berries.

As a topical salve on an infection, it will draw out the infection and puss.

Eaten by most livestock, but not the Goats of Hel, it will make them stumbling around “drunk”, and if they eat a little too much, it will kill them.

Got to be careful using it as a salve, do not get in a fresh deep open cut, can kill your ass easily.

Beautiful flower of a hardy wild plant, has it’s uses like me.

Seems fitting.

King John De Carleton [The zionist Eater]