In Order To Have Gentlemen Present, First There Must Be Ladies Present.


Words of wisdom from my home room teacher in high school.

Texas hill country, twenty one of us in that class as I recall.

Girls got to whining, bitching, caterwauling, there were no Gentlemen in our class.

Mrs. Rogers set us all down one morning and told the girls, she had heard all of it she wanted to, as they were overlooking one thing, “In order for there to be gentlemen present, first there must be ladies present!”
Told em, “You talk like a whore, dress like a whore, act like a whore, most men going to treat you like a whore.

Respect starts with you, your actions, and without you acting like a lady, you boy friend, your classmates, can not treat you as a lady.”.

Wise words.

Ok, I did not bring you here to talk about old home day, just used that as an example.

You Americans caterwauling you want a better America, better politicians, better jobs, better wives, better husbands, safer streets, LOOK INWARD!

You are the problem, and only you can fix that problem.
Do you have honor, tell the truth, stand up against political correctness and deviant teachings for your children/grandchildren?

Or do you hold your tongue, smile, tell people shit you don’t mean, say nothing as evil asses assassinate any hope for a free, good American future, along with your prodigies future?

Is the thing most important to you, stored between your legs?

Men and women.

Did you mean it when you swore to love, honor, protect, cleaving to him/her alone and no other?

Or were you back on the street looking for some strange, behind their back, a few days/weeks/months after the chapel, vows and flowers.

You can not have a good America, when the people are evil.

And it is damn well evil to cheer as the USA military illegally invades one country after another which has not attacked America, cheer as Americans slaughter children, women, old folks, civilians, for evil “bankers” and bottom line profits of corporations, based on bald faced lies as an excuse.

Your damn birds of war, starvation, suffering, death and destruction will follow the troops home.
They always do.
They always have for empires, all through known history.

you go self righteously to church, sing holy-holy-holy, while supporting, voting for, funding evil asses who rape children, slaughter the innocent, steal from the widow and orphan with usury and war, say, “GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!

Let me ask you a simple question.

Why the hell would ANY sane, loving god, bless a bunch of evil child fucking, thieving, homicidal maniacs like America?


Want a good America?

Look inward, see the evil, the lust, the selfishness in your own soul, fight that.
Fight, win the battle, banish those things from your soul

Enough Americans do that, you will have a good AMERICA.

Jesus the Christ is not doing a reunion tour with his heavy medal band, kick everyones ass for you, set up a kingdom where all you do is sit on your butt and play a harp.

Favor a guitar, and a damn good looking women on my knee anyway!

No Galactic force is coming form outer space to save you from your own evil and cess pool world.

No secret force of military men, no secret force of lawyers/cops coming to clean up DC and your State house.

It’s up to you.

Want a good better America?

Look inward.

Physician heal thyself.

John Carleton

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