How Do Those Animals Know How To Do That?

Oh, a lot of things!

Sea turtles, are born on a beach, claw their way out of the sand, run for the water, spend long years at sea, return to the same beach to lay their eggs.

They live long lives if they can dodge the predators.

Take another animal, a bird, a humming bird.

Life spans, depending on sub species, seems to range between four and nine years.
Some spend their entire lives in one place, feeding on one type flower.

Others migrate, up into North America in the summer time, then back again south in late fall.

Ask yourself, how do they do this.
Main stream science says, DNA.
Following a DNA program.



Maybe from memory also.

Take that humming bird now.

Most folks who understand reincarnation to one extent or the other, will tell you a human was another lower level animal before they became a human animal, they were a lower form of life before the lower level animal, (as humans see it).

So animals have both souls, not as advanced down that long hard road, as a humans in most cases, and they reincarnate just as a humans energy or soul does.

Back to that humming bird.
At some point, another level of life becomes a humming bird.
The humming bird has who knows, a million lives, millions as a humming bird?

So that bird, listening to it’s own instinct, (past life experiences), know to follow a certain flight path, and when it gets to a certain place, where the flowers or humming bird feeders are usually to be found.

Anyone looks like they know where they are going, soon has a whole lot of others following, even if the followers don’t know where they are headed or why, so the new souls, who have just become humming birds, learn the ropes and the food spots, from the old souls.

At some point, that humming bird, having fulfilled it’s required lives and lessons as a humming bird, will move up to the next level, whatever that may be, and will not be the same for every bird moving up.

That bird, will start at there next level, say as a cardinal, or a Martin, have to learn a whole new way of doing things, and learn from both the old souls, and trial and error.

Same with human animals, our souls at this level.

The news ones come in, the old souls cuss their ignorance, bumbling stupidity, sometimes they live, some times they die, but learn a lesson from that death.
Next life, don’t do that thing which got you killed, don’t trust that type of person who killed you cause you trusted them, and that all that glitters is not gold, every female, does not possess a warm motherly heart, every male human walks on two legs, is not a man.
That sort of thing.
Or drinking yourself to death did not solve your problems, you took em with you when you died, and still had to deal with them.
Or spending ones life in pursuit of world pleasures cost much-much more than they are worth.

If one will listen to their past lives, they will share the wisdom of their lessons with you, so as to show you where to find food, how to do a skill, a warning of danger in certain times and places, in the presence of certain people or types of people.

What kind of man/women, as the case may be, to marry, and which types to avoid.

All from screwing up or succeeding in past lives.
No life, no matter how hard, or to other humanity, wasted, is truly wasted if you learn that lesson.

Same lesson each and everyone of us have had to learn, or will have to.

No holier than thou room in reincarnation, cause from dust we came, and to dust shell we return, then come from dust again.

No one starts at the top in this pilgrimage.

Look inward, see the one who has caused your problems.
Fix those problems.
Move to new problems.
Fix those.
Move to new problems.

Spending another year in the same grade, watching your friend and classmates move on, grow without you, while you do another year or life as the case may be, of hell reliving what you already did once, is not where it is at.

Embrace yourself as an individual responsible for yourself, look inward, eat the pain, grow, show others where the flowers are.

Get er done!

John C Carleton