In This Time Of Climate Change, Don’t Forget The Wildlife.

Depending who you are listening to at the moment, the sky is ether falling, has fallen, or the little green and gray men from outer space are coming, one side to shoot the sky down, the other to put a force field over it so the other side can’t shoot it down!

Reminds me of a line from a 1980s song:
“Well the Yanks hate the Reds, and the Greeks hate the Turks,
I really hate to say it but they all a bunch of jerks,
Everybody’s shaking cause the big one is about to fall,
I just got to hold it steady while I piss on the wall!”

Just take a deep breath!

Now, world is always changing.
Climate is always changing.
Been changing for millions of years.

It is just four score and ten is not all that long in the plan of things.
What weather patterns one grows up with, is thought of as “normal”.
Weather, climate, is always changing, just so slow compared to the short 70 year span of man, most times man does not notice a real change.

Then there are times like these, when things are changing fast.
Not the first time this happened, won’t be the last.

But in the meantime, no matter if you think it is man made, which I do not, or a natural cycle, a side effect of a growing earth, either way, lots of areas hit by dry years, little in way of natural blooms/seeds and seed crops in the fields.

Try to keep some flowering plants growing around your homes exterior, for the bees, butterflies.

Don’t forget the humming birds, getting some up at my house already.

Put some seed out for the wild birds.
They have to eat, they one of natures creatures also.

A note here, if you decide to feed larger wild animals, best not to feed them around your house, as although they may get used enough to you to come eat, they are still wild and if feel threatened, feel a baby is threatened, or in time of season for sex, some animals Are not in a good mood or thinking real straight.

Males have been known to attack humans because they walked by when say a buck, is all hopped up on testosterone, got one thing on his mind, and you wander in his way!

But give natures critters a helping hand in this time of change.

And don’t forget the two legged ones fell through the cracks, living on the streets, or under bridges.
If a person is hungry, and you can feed thenm without making your own family do without, feed them.

See the bum on the street, he or she ask for money, if you can spare five, ten, twenty, give it to them.

If they are scamming you, they will have to answer for their actions.

But I would rather get scammed by someone out of 10 dollars, than leave a hungry human out on the street, while I go home to my stocked kitchen and warm bed.

If you know the person is a scam artist, thats different.

See all that wildlife, birds, bees, butterflies?

Humanity needs them.

Nature has been getting things done on this rock for millions of years.
Best times on this rock for humanity has been when humanity learned to live with nature, not when humanity tried to rape and rule Nature.

So if it is a hungry stray dog, a cat, wild birds, bees, or a fellow human pilgrim down on their luck, give em a hand for the benefit of all of Nature, which includes humanity.

John C Carleton