False Flags, Horney Pedophile Politicians, and America’s Shame

Wife had left the tube on in the kitchen.
I made my way to the head, then to pray at the coffee machine, for the deliverance of the caffeine which would soon run through my veins and brain, banishing the remaining cobwebs of sleep from me.

Tube was on one of the “national” talking head, TV “news” shows.

Some older bimbo reporterett, was having a preplanned attack talk on the rights of Americans, based on the acts of the USA and Mossad, in American against the American people, with some talking head, I believe from the Terrorist organization, NACCP, saying as how “domestic terrorist”, such as the KKK, Neo Nazis, need to be put on the same level legally, as ISIS and such.

Course, being the good ole boy Texican Hillbilly Rebel Preachers Son, from a long line of rebels, one of them Drawn and Quartered in England by the King, doing that unseeingly thing of thinking for myself, I noticed he did not include Black Lives Matter, and ANTIFA in that list of domestic terrorist needs to be treated as foreign terrorist.

That thinking for myself, got me labeled the Black Sheep by my zionist siblings.

Let me splain to you Lucy, how the world works presently.
Let the “Black Sheep’s” view of how time ticks by in todays toleration tango tantalize you.

There is God, Nature, The Light, Odin, by whatever name.

“God is God no matter by what name you call him!”
General George S Patton

When a soul, energy, being, again, i am not a control freak, pick the name you are most comfortable with, that i which is the same i, life in, life out, using new and different human bodies, receives a set of God given, Natural rights.

Gods/Natures Law, is higher law than man made rules.

But there are un-enlightened individuals, who live spiritually on the physical plane, serve the lust of this mortal body and world, instead of living in the spiritual plane, understanding all seen around us, is but brief and fleeting, but what one does spiritually with the brief time here, will be marked on your soul for eternity.

They do not understand how wealth and fame, privilege, run amuck lust, evil done to obtain those things, turns to ashes in ones mouth as youth flys away, old age and answering for ones actions on the other side, draw daily , by the hour, the minuet, ever nearer.

Over thousands and hundreds of years, a ruling class appeared.
Kings daughters married kings sons.
Knights daughters married Knights sons, and a king now and then.
Knights married kings daughters.

Some of them were good, tried to help their people.
Some should have been left in the woods alone the day they were born.

Today, the prodigy of this class of people, are still around.
Today, corruption, evil has run amuck and the balance of nature between good and evil is out of kilter.

The side of darkness and evil, has control of most “government” in the world presently.

The Side of this group, who are trying to help humanity, have given up on the institutions of society and government, and have withdrawn to other pursuits, many fighting a rear guard action against the other part of the group, who would sell their own sick grandma to a street pimp, for one more shekel, dollar or pound sterling, which is not Stirling any longer.

Now, I am going to first try to make the average American understand something, which I do not know if the average American can.

You tell the average American the truth about the governing class, they think you are lying.
You tell them truthfully, some of the EVIL, despicable, scum bag, sinister, depraved things they are doing, planning, putting into motion, and why, they think the truth teller is lying.

The Average American, thinks, I would not do such an evil thing, so they will not.

The average American is a sheep, they are not.

These politicians, generals, heads of alphabet agencies, have sold their souls.
They are living on the physical level with no understanding of the truth illumination brings.
The ONLY thing which matters to them, is that they move from rear teat to front teat on the public teat.

The average American, would not rape little children, sacrifice them to a demonic “god”.
But many of the politicians, bankers, movie stars, the Average American votes for, gives their currency to, or spend their money on, don’t have a bit of a problem doing that.

The average American, would not knowingly commit treason against their people, their Land, but the above scum do so every damn day!
With a smile!
And a lie!
Without a twinge of discomfort.

I know this is hard to believe, but those evil child raping ass holes you vote for in DC, along with their masters, do not give a flying trapeze about you and yours!
Or your country.

Starving to death a half million children, using illegal sanctions, against a country which has not attacked America, don’t bother them at all.

In fact, when a former USA Secretary of State was questioned about starving to death half a million Iraqi children, (remember, Iraq did not attack America, or have weapons of mass destruction), using illegal sanctions, she did not bat an eye, said sure it was worth it if we forced the Iraqis to do what we wanted them to”.

You as an American?
You are cattle to them, nothing more, animals to be farmed for profit.
They do not consider you to have souls, so they feel they no pain, discomfort, shame, hesitation to murder a few thousand, a few million, or a few billion soul-less cattle creatures.

Many of these creatures rape their own children, the only damn thing in the world which means anything to them, is their own evil ass, and gaining the power, wealth and prestige of this world.

Ever wonder why The Dick Cheney’s daughter was so screwed up?

Most Americans find this hard to believe, but the politician who you vote for, would have no more problem stepping on you or your children, than he or she would a roach.

They put on and take off different religions like a suit of cloths to fit the crowd.

They have no problem forcing you to vaccinate your children with deadly, Autism causing, disability causing, vaccines, many like the flu vaccine, which can be shown not to work, and is harmful.

They do not have a problem one, forcing cancer causing, sterility causing, GMO Frankenfoods on you and your children.

They do not have one problem, sending 11 million dollars of American workers pay, to Israhell, every damn day, while US military veterans, who fought in US corporate wars for the benefit of Israhell, beg, live and die on the streets of America.

I have a suggestion for the average American.
When a truth teller tells you something, go ahead and think, would I do this thing?
Them realize, if you would not, these evil self serving DC teat hangers and their masters, more than likely would.

I do not know how to better convey to you, the total lack of emotion, unless it is sadistic glee, these creature feel when they know they are committing treason against you, poisoning your children, sending your kids to die for an illegal crime cabal, stepping on you with laws taking your god given rights, and with forced taxes stealing your last hard earned dollar.

So, False Flags.
Yes they have happened through history.
USA did not invent False flags, but they good at them.

Yes, a man you voted for, which you believed in, be that man president, or congressman, who very well may be a homosexual pedophile, can order a false flag, sacrificing anything from a handful of Americans, to hundreds of thousands, blamed on this “enemy” or that, to get the Americans to go to war, slaughter people who did not attack them, and die in the process, or come back screwed up, then screwed again by Uncle Sugar’s criminal VA., without one twinge of feeling for the pain, suffering, they are causing based on damn lies!

Horney pedophile politicians!
Been going on a long damn time in DC and the State houses.
Average American does not want to look, to see, to believe that evil is so prevalent in the “government” they have come to worship as a god.

And it is damn well to Americas shame, “men” who like to brag about how big their dicks and balls are, allow this kind of shit to go on in their land, their own children used as DC sexual party favors and cannon fodder for zionist Israhell

I hope them big dicks and balls don’t get bit by some rattlesnake as they are squatting to pee behind some bush or tree.

Damn shame!
America’s shame!

Oh, you American “men” who allow pedophiles to rape your children, then use them for cannon fodder in illegal wars, while the “elites” children go to Ivy League Universities, look out for rattlers and low laying cactus / prickly pear when choosing a site to squat.

And don’t forget to wipe with TP, after going wee wee.

Carry On!

John C Carleton

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