False Flags, Useful Idiots

Left wing, Right wing, same baby raping evil bird!

First, I just don’t believe in political “accidents” which help evil asses make slaves of the American people, “prohibit” Americans owning the means of self defense.

Slaves do not have the right of self defense under Roman law, so USA, sees no reason for Americans to have means of self defense.

In history, generation in, generation out, Empire in, Empire out, Kingdom in, kingdom out, People in, people out, about 3% of the population makes things happen.
Good, bad or ugly, about three percent are your real movers and shakers.

The rest are divided between the sheep and the jackals.

These movers and shakers, some are on humanities side, and some are on evils side.

But movers and shakers, are all well aware how easy it is to take a sheep, mind control them, get them to do things you want them to, while they think it is their idea to do the things you put em up to doing.

The current crop, have been experimenting for years with deeper mind control, brought on by inflicted trauma, drugs, and indoctrination.

Just call em zionist zombies.

Yes, one can take a weak willed/minded individual, through drugs, abuse, lies, get that person to do shit they will not even remember doing.
Use the old Multiple Personality thing.

There are two different types of beings with Multiple personalities.

The average MP person, who is just MP because of trauma in their lives, often as a child, just unable to deal with the pain and betrayal, simply use MP to segment their brains, so they do not have to bring out the child, or person who was abused, had the trauma, etc.
Thy do not bring that segment of themselves out, then the pain does not have to be dealt with directly.

The other type of MP being, well, if from being evil, willing, they seem to get possessed by some forms of evil beings, and thats a whole different can of worms.

To help someone with non-possessed multiple personalities, (it is all them, just segmented), is extremely difficult.

But if you have no empathy for humans, if you are an evil son of a bitch, and you do not mind taking very screwed up and suffering souls, and screw em up worse, you can form personalities for them, get them to do shit, then be trained to put the doer of the deed to the dungeon at the back of their mind, and they will not even be able to remember themselves they did the deed.

Or you can have them programed to “confess”, and blame it on some passion orother, which was planted into the MP victims head.

When this shit happens, you have to ask, who is responsible?

Your answer will be, who stands to gain?

This one is at least a two for.

Gets all kinds of pro/Anti- gunners at each others necks, while DC does as it damn well pleases, and further helps the Ratschilds in their quest to disarm Americans.

The Rats benefit from this one.

That means the Rats did them!

John C Carleton

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