Trump Says US Should Join “Great Currency Manipulation Game” By Devaluing Dollar-Zero Hedge

HHHHHHHHHmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????? In buying power, the “US dollar”, Fiat Currency, printed out of thin air, by usury “bankers, “loaned” at Usury rates, to the USA CORPORATION, is today worth, maybe, one cent of a Pre-Not federal, No reserve(s), and Not a bank Dollar. Now the Usury bastards want that last cent out of the working Americans […]

Is Putin a Illegitimate RothsRat?

Now, I have not done a DNA test, not likely to get the chance, but there is no doubt, Putin is of mixed Non Semitic Khazarian/slavic lineage. Putin gives aid and comfort to the Khazarian Mafia headquarters, in Occupied Palestine. Israhell attacked the USS Liberty, in 1967, during the “Six Day War”, murdering 30 plus […]

Israhell Snipers Shot a Palestinian Boy For Kicking A Soccer Ball, Why Didn’t They Shoot Nitwityahoo For Playing With A Ball?

If the Israhell snipers shit their pants when unarmed people play with sports balls, scares their ass so bad they shoot the unarmed people playing with sports balls, why not the Khazarian terrorist Nitwityahoo? Sounds like racism and discrimination to me! Stop Khazarian terrorism, discrimination, and WW Three! Bomb Tel Aviv John C Carleton

The Bolsheviks Aren’t Coming… They’re Already Here

The Red Bolsheviks been here a long time. The shyster rail road lawyer, Bi-Sexual, manic depressive war criminal Lincolns administration, advisors and friends circle was full of em! ‘Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists: Marxism in the Civil War’ FDR called the mass murderer Stalin, “Uncle Joe”. His administration, the military, the Manhattan project were […]