People Who Swear a Lot are Good as Friends

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People Who Swear a Lot are Good as Friends

It’s known for a fact that people who use swear words too much are frowned upon and considered as uneducated and rude. But it seems that we’ve been mistaken all along and this assumption is completely wrong.

It’s not uncommon for intelligent people to look at the world and society around them in a different way, quite the contrary. To our surprise, according to the latest research, they’re also prone to using profanities and even be creative at it, much more compared to regular people. It turns out that highly intelligent and educated people swear much more than dumb and less educated ones.

We tend to distance ourselves from people that swear as we believe that they simply lack the language skills to express themselves in a politer way or have a limited way of thinking. According to Kristin Joy and Timothy Jay, psychologists, it’s completely the other way around and they’ve done a study to back this up.

According to their findings the required skills to make up new swear words is linked to high fluency and language skills. Individuals with high IQ scores are both fluent and have a more versatile vocabulary, which means they’re prone to creating new profanities.

In addition to their intelligence, people who swear more tend to be more honest as well, which makes them better friends as well. These findings come from a study that analyzed hundreds of thousands of FB status updates for deception words and profanities. Substantial data goes in favor of the claim that honest people are prone to swearing.

Another bonus for people who swear a lot is the fact that phycologists claim that they’re more comfortable at expressing themselves freely. This also means that they’re truer to themselves and to others as well, compared to people who think too much before saying anything.

In addition to all of the above, we have to mention the crime case studies which looked into the assumption that honest people swear more than dishonest ones. They discovered that innocent people who’re suspected of a crime swear much more than guilty people who’re trying their best to deny the accusations against them. Moreover, people who use profanities during testimonials are observed as more credible.

So if you have friends who use the most creative profanities, you should know that they’re probably highly intelligent and honest at heart.


People Who Swear a Lot are Good as Friends

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