The Children Raping Zionist Russian Expat & Spawn Thereof Turkmen mongrel NON SEMITIC Khazarians Are Running Scared

Every time some hillbilly like me throws some truth out there, they shit their fruit of the looms!


Passed down to me from my father:
It takes a thousand props to hold up a lie, but the truth will stand alone.

The truth is the truth, and will stand alone on it’s own merits.
Good, bad, or ugly, the truth almost always works better than a lie.

Well, now let me qualify that statement.
In marriage, sometimes one is forced to lie.

You married men know what I am talking about.
Sometimes, a women wants you to lie to them.
And if you don’t, YOU WILL PAY!
For a LONG time!

Say the wife ask you, does this dress make my butt look big?

A smart husband will never answer truthfully:
No baby, thats the cheeseburgers making your ass big!

So in that department, telling a lie to your wife about her appearance, is simply self preservation.
Like the Irish say, “Lying to an Englishman, is not a sin!”
Neither is lying to your wife when she ask you about the way she looks.

but other than that, truth will always work much better in the long run, and the short run.

Take the Non Semitic Turkmen mongrel reject halfbreed inbred outcaste from the Steppes of Russia, Russian Expats & Spawn thereof Khazarians.

They converted to the End of Times Death Cult in the Steppes of Russia, in the year 0740 AD.

At first they did not try to steal the Hebrews identity, but they got around to trying to do that, as an excuse, (not a valid one), to invade Palestine, Holocaust the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian souls in the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian soul’s own Ancestral Home Land.

Their whole modern existence is built on a lie.
The zionist Warvangelical “Christians” insane theology is built around the end of times, and the minority of Hebrews who were Jews, belonged to the cult.
But there are no Hebrews, Jew cult Hebrews or non Jew Cult Hebrews.
But there are Cultist who pretend to be hebrews, Khazarians!

The Warvangelical “christians” have never been any good at fact checking anyway, so this substitution works for them.

But both groups, HAVE to defend the Big Lie, of Khazarians being Hebrews.
Otherwise the jig is up.

As with all lies, the big Hebrew lie, is constantly in danger of being exposed as the Big Lie it is.

So every day, hordes of paid trolls, go forth on the internet, to tell more lies, to prop up the lies, which are propping up the lies, which are propping up the lies, which are propping up the original Big Hebrew Lie.

That and to attack any and all truth tellers.

Same thing in Universities, same thing in DC, same thing on TV, Radio, ALL forms of modern media.

A truth teller comes up with some truth which disproves either the original Big Hebrew Lie, or one of the later lies, used to prop up the original Big Hebrew Lie, and these vile three shekel creatures comes out slinging naughty words and big whoppers all over the place, along with trying to falsely sully the name and reputation of the Truth Teller.

If they were not so VERY scared of the truth, they would not fight it so hard.

Thee evil lying ones control all forms of major communication, and use their ownership to fight truth truth and nail, and to support their lie tellers in any way possible.

If they were not so scared, they would not be screwing with a Texican Hillbilly Good ole boy like me.
I am retired.
I turned down West Point, did mine enlisted.
Did not go to law school, courts too corrupted.
Studied theology, but I did not start my own farm the sheep ministry.
Worked hard, paid my own way through college.
Ole fart now.
Pick my guitar and watch the chickens peck.
But they are messing with me all the time.

Well, I do sling a bit of truth on the net.
This causes them to soil their already questionable fruit of the looms.

Not time enough, room enough to list all the ways I know they screw with me, a nobody,.
EXCEPT, I insist on keep telling the truth.

Give one good example.

There is this blog, and one called The New Republic of Texas, a later blog which is still under construction and build up phase.

The logo on the JCC Blog, is a Confederate Battle Flag.
The logo on the NRT blog, is a field of beautiful Texas Bluebonnets.

Got so where FB/Twitter, would not publish anything from the JCC Blog, with the Confederate Flag showing.
If I posted a link to the JCC Site, which had a header photo on it, FB/Twitter would show that Header photo, but if it did not have a header photo, FB and Twitter would gray out, or just not put a visual photo on the post,

EXCEPT, if I was posting something against zionist, Israhell, the Pedophile Political prostitutes from Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac.

Then it did not matter what header photo I had, it would not be shown, the Confederate Flag would be shown, to try to discredit the truth I was telling.

Such as, Proof Khazarians are not Hebrews, scientific DNA proof, Boom, up goes the Confederate flag, not the Header Photo for the story.

In other words, you don’t want to read this fanatic shit, he is a confederate flag waving Buba!

SO I would delete their attempt to keep folks from looking at the truth, take the same article, put it on my NRT site, post it on FB and Twitter, and the header photo would come right up.

Guess pointing out I love nature and pretty flowers just would not keep folks from reading my truth.

I pointed out in an email to a friend one day, what they were doing, been going on for some time, and it has never happened again.


I have had attempts to put viruses into my computers, had my internet slowed down to a crawl, sites blocked, not to mention the CIA trying for years to get me to become an “asset”, in some of their false flag shit.

Being a weapons guy, I always figured I was supposed to end up a dead “mass Shooter”, at one of their false flags events.

Just showing you, I am not rich, I am not politically connected, I am not running for office, I don’t want to be in charge of the sheep or even block captain.

But I know the truth, I tell the truth, they can not frighten me, they can not buy me, they have absolutely nothing I want, (except perhaps their necks in a noose), they can not blackmail me, so they fear me!

So when you are wiping your ass in the privacy of your own bathroom, give a smile to the poor son of a bitch has to look at all them tapes of people shitting!

And EDUCATE yourselves.
An ignorant people are never a free people.

The3 Ole Dog!

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