How Much Did You Sell Your Soul For American Sheep?

How much did you sell your soul for American sheep-
What did you receive in exchange for your soul’s consignment to the deep_

The misery of Hel’s own underworld of slow lingering death and sorrow-
Was it enough to keep you in booze through tomorrow-

Enough to buy the drug which dulls the pain of the shame-
Enough to keep your aging body under a roof when it rains-

Will it buy you self respect and spiritual growth towards the light-
Or cause the misery and shame of your soul to be black as a moonless night-

How will you defend the temporary pleasure of the flesh and of the bone-
As you stand with the Light, quite otherwise Alone-

Viewing what you did with your earthly time-
Did you spend it in service, duty, or waste it on crime-

Against your fellow man, against nature, against the Light itself-
As you went through you whole wasted life made self deaf-

To the truth around you, to the Light from God above-
Blind to the good in Nature, blind to caring and Love-

So how much did you sell your soul for Mr. and Mrs. American sheep mom and dad-
How much did you take, to sell out your own first born Lad-

Was it worth it as you edge nearer to that appointment with death’s cold hand-
As you are met with a bill due for your soul’s acts, payable upon demand!

The Ole Dog!

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