Ever Get Tired, Real Tired, SO Tired of Some Bunches Shit, You Are Making a To Do List For The Four Horsemen?

Washington DC!
Tel Aviv!
The black rock in Saudi.
The Vatican.
Austin, occupied Republic of Texas.
(Too many scalawags and damn zionist yankee carpet baggers).

Now might as well make it interesting for the Four Horsemen.
The Four, each get a destination.Tel Aviv, The Black Rock, CITY OF LONDON, The Vatican.

Now, one gets his assignment done first, gets Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac.
Runner up gets Sodom and Gomorrah on the Blanco.

Like my cousin General George S Patton, I don’t like long rambling far in the future plans for military action.

Once the Horsemen get this done, one would have to reassess, see if some of the Rats had holed up somewhere, have enough destinations for all the Four Horsemen left, or if just one destination, turn the hounds of Hel, and the Four Horsemen loose on whats left.

Then, all good Vikings shall share Mead and meat with Odin in the Halls of Valhalla!

And maybe some of the serving girls!

Vikings will be Vikings after all!

John C Carleton

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