Want Freedom America? Reinstate Common Law!

“God is God, no matter by what name you call him.”
General George S Patton

Like Pavlov’s dogs, salivating at the sound of the dinner bell, Americans have been indoctrinated to hold dear, to fight for, to die for, that which placed chains of slavery on themselves and their prodigy.

Snap straight, pledge allegiance to the flag, (Clear violation of Biblical law, “Have no other Gods before!”), the flag which flew over the rape, Genocide of your people, if you are a Southerner, the flag which flew over the Gnocide of the Native Americans, The flag painted on the two bombers which dropped Atomic bombs on two cities filled with defenseless civilians, the flag which colaberated against the Best interest of Americans/America, with the Red Bolshevik Russian Communist Horde, giving over to the mad man mass murderer Stalin, who FDR afectiostally called “Uncle Joe”, vast stretches of Eastern Europe, and so insuring thee Cold War which followed, and helped murder Americans Son, General George S Patton, for not selling out America.

Not only did the evil flag waving scum sucking bastards murder Patton, they then gloatingly laid the flag which helped murder him, on top of his coffin!

Been better he had been buried under the Stars and Bars his Grandfather Patton died under, shooting invading ass holes waving the flag little Southern children are indoctrinated to say a pledge to!

The Constitution was never intended to support freedom for Americans, but steal that freedom from them, make them slaves to USA/WASHINGTON DC.

USA/WASHINGTON DC, is a sub corporation of the British Empire, having been incorporated under British Empire Law, thus is a foreign to America, and Americans, International for Profit Corporation.

It’s “law”, is corporate law.
Corporate law, was never meant to be used on, should not be used on, is illegal as hell when used against, a Living Soul, Living on the Face of The Land!

All those courts out there, they herd you through, were never meant for you.
They are farming your asses like cattle.

Before anything else, Americans need to get a ball transplant, start studying the nasty ass shit they have been avoiding all their lives, in order to know enough to protect their families from the child raping, and innocent blood sucking corporation.

Americans must grow to understand what freedom is before anything else, but once Americans understand what freedom is, the next step is the return of Natural Law, God’s Law, Common Law, by whatever name one chooses to use.

Only with the aid of the Common Law Court, can Americans break the chains of slavery the Constitution snaps on their hands, feet, and wallets, the moment they are born.

So Study Reality.
Very dramatic when one pulls their heads out of their asses and the illumination. of the Light of Truth hits them square in the face, but it must be done!

That Which Is, grows impatient with the spiritual retardation of the American sheep.

And study Natural/Common Law, the Real Law of the “People”!

John C Carleton

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