Sorry Utopian Yearners, Humanity, on This Earth, Never Gets Rid of War

My last war was twenty eight years ago.

I have spent, about the last 11-12 years, trying to figure out how to stop wars, do away with the need.

There are some ways, I believe it could possibly be made almost as rare as hens teeth.

But on this rock, it remains a fact of life.

This rock is a school, training for the soul.
The source, the Light, Mother Nature, Odin, by whatever name you use, pares souls up with bodies and lives to give that soul the opportunity to learn the lessons, that body and life has to offer.

The lesson is not always learned, a very stubborn soul may have to live through the same type shit for several lives before they give up that pet lust, perversion, me first attitude, on that level that life offers.

With souls, there are specialist.
Engineers, machinist, carpenters, metal workers, madams of Cat houses, Political prostitutes, and warriors.

I am a warrior soul.
I fight wars, thats what I do.
Am one of the blessed or cursed few, who can trace their former lives by the dead left around them.
Am very good in serval different areas, never set out to obtain a skill in Ernest, I did not at least have a layman mastery of that skill.
Theology, psychology, philosophy, history, what makes humanity tick, oh yeah!

But the #1 thing I am good at, great at, is war.
Thats where I shine like a Seabees’s boots asking for liberty in a foreign port!

But, life in, life out, I have noticed some things.
Things which bring me to the decision war must be held in check for only it’s ONE justifiable use.
Defense of country, Family Community and home!

Having run a hand along the world, enough to have a rudimentary understanding of how things work on this world, as well on the other side, Homeport as I like to call it, I understand if war and evil were totally banished from this world, this world would be no more use as a school for the souls.

The Micky mouse “empires”, fortunes, dynasties built here on this plane, are built on foundation-less, shifting sands of time.
They will never last, and are of very little importance in the larger view of Universe, or even this rock!

How many countries, civilizations can you personally name, past that dark hole from which our ancestors fought their way out of after the murder of Jesus the Christ by the usual suspects.

Nature cleans the world up after the last class graduates, puts all things new, and starts over.

The countries/ wars, humanity is so set in stone in their very beings, will be forgotten pages of a faint history before the last ice age, all out war, natural disasters, volcanic blow outs, in a few thousand years.
A few thousand years, is nothing!

So war will return, no matter how hard one try to ban it.
Best just regulate war to defense, true defense, not some zionist doublespeak bull shit such as in defense of “NATIONAL SECURITY”.

Oh yeah ass hole, who’s “national security”?


Wars and the futility of wars fought for certain reasons, are a waste of warriors blood, and brings suffering to humanity, without achieving the objective.

In 1776, Americans started fighting a war for freedom, which was bloody, hard, and long.
The won that freedom, with the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown, and the signing of the Treaty of Paris, in 1783.

The ink was not good dry before the rich, political connected in the New States, began conspiring to steal that freedom away from Americans, appointing themselves as slavemasters to the American souls.

And they did it.
Americans lost that freedom to WASHINGTON DC, with the “State” “governments”, just becoming lower level organizations in the criminal conspiracy.

South stood up against the evil during the 1860’s, and paid a horrible price!

Many are out there calling for revolution against WASHINGTON DC.

Sorry to tell you fella, but they have all the war toys, and yes, them “American” soldiers, will shoot American civilians, if it means their paycheck continues and the carrot of a retirement kept dangling in front of their noses.

But even before you get to that level, ask yourself, why fight a war?
Now if you never been to one, you might not understand the evil, the heartache, the suffering, the death, brought on by any war.

But trust me, it is there in the one some folks are clamoring for now.

So, what is so important, you are willing to bring the evils of war, down on your country, your people, your family, yourself, to fight a war?
For What?

The answer you will receive, is for Freedom!

Good Answer.

But from one who has slaughtered/ has had slaughtered, millions of people through the annals of history, for “God, Country and People”, I ask you, what is freedom?

Because, if you can not even give me the basic understanding of freedom, let alone the set of Natural Laws which has to be embraced for freedom to work, them not only do you not have a clue what the hell freedom is, it would be insanity, to have someone fighting, perhaps dying, for something they are not smart enough, or give a shit enough, to adequately define freedom!

Plus turning folks loose with freedom, they do not understand, would lead to some running amuck by these new found free men, (and women).
That and I have faith most would have traded that freedom for a cold six pack and a half hour with a warm piece of ass, before the week was out!

So folks, war is not the answer for America.

Education to reality of the AMERICAN SHEEP is whats needed.

You can lead a sheep to illumination, but you can not force the ball-less wonder to open it’s eyes.
Damn sheep have to want to learn, to grow.

If you have any ideas how to get that going, please share, cause I, some others I know of, hell, even Jesus the Christ has had enough of the evil/ self imposed ignorance of the sheep, and is out of ideas how to get them to WANT to change!

But this I tell you, there is no reason, no justification, to fight a war for freedom, for and with a stiff necked people who do not only not understand the meaning of freedom, but refuse to learn the meaning, as learning would take effort on their part, and tend to shatter their illusions of safety they maintain through their self imposed ignorance.

Give it some thought!

John C Carleton

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