The End of The Claim of Innocence in America!

This little Semitic Palestinian child, has bigger balls than most American “men”!

Not now, not with the in your face perverse, a-moral shit being shoved up your ass, and into every orifice of your children/grandchildren have!

You can not try to claim ignorance of, nor innocence from, the evil which has it’s teeth sunk into the throat of America!

Unless you have a certified IQ lower than some of my farm animals, you have no legitimate excuse for not standing up, speaking up, fighting against the evil which is sucking the life blood from America and your prodigy.

The only reasons an American has not stood up against this evil shit already, can only be one from the list below.

1: No balls syndrome.
2: Tiny balls syndrome.
3: Cowardly ball-less sheep syndrome.
4: zionist zombie virus infected sheep.
5: Head up Assus Sheep.
6: Jackal.
7: Charlatan.
8: Political prostituted treasonous scum.
9: Shaking with fear in their wool cowardly American Head up Assus Sheep.
10: The Village Idiot!

Now, only number 10 has a legitimate excuse for not standing up against, speaking up against, the evil on the Face of North America.

John C Carleton

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