The Trickster Trumpster’s Israhell Firster Policy

Then we agree!
Fuck America!
Viva Israhell!

If you are Trumpster True believer, sorry, your boy is dirty, bought, sold, controlled, or he would never have been allowed within spitting distance of the big white Cat House in sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, where children are in danger from old perverted war criminal pedophile politicians.

Either you are an American or you are not.
Americans are Loyal to America, and Americans.

Like my cousin General George S Patton before me, I don’t really give much of a tinkers damn what shade of tan you are, or where your ancestors came from.
I do Damn well care, if you are loyal to America and Americans, or not.

Zionist is an evil virus of the mind and soul
There are zionist christians, Islamics, End of Times Death Cult religion, (sometimes erroneously called the Judaic religion), atheist zionist, (atheism is a religion also).

Mother was a true believer had that crap beat into her head as na child, she could never overcome the indoctrination, so you are talking to an expert in christian zionism.
Have watched what they said, vs what they really did, the hypocrisy, the cognitive dissonance.

Don’t go getting any ideas the Khazarian End of Time Death Cult Members, are any more a danger to America, than the Puritan zionist nightmare of Warvangelical “christianity”.

These “evangelical” “Christians”, are more of a Danger to American than the pedophilic zionist Russian Expat Non Semitic Khazarian Turkmen/slavic half breed reject outcaste from the Steppes of Russia, because unlike the Khazarians who are Loyal to Israhell, and KNOW they are an Israhell Firster, many of the Warvangelical “christians”, are descendants of men who fought honorable for freedom, under George Washington, and Robert E Lee.

They Think of themselves, As Americans!

But because of the poison they were indoctrinated with, they really believe they are protecting America by kissing Israhell’s ass.

Was raised with that shit!
Know of which I speak.

All these “evangelical” christians”, Baptist and such, have it beat into their heads from the time they can smile and say goo-goo, “GOD BLESSES THOSE WHO BLESS THE JEWS”!

These very emotionally and mentally disturbed cult members, really really believe, if America does not kiss Israhell’s ass in all they do, the “God” will “Judge” America.

In their very zionist zombie eaten brains, if America don’t kiss Israhell’s ass, no matter what Israhell does, “God” will send devastation on America.

Dumb ass holes can not see, by their actions of kissing Israhells ass, they are selling out the America they believe they are protecting, and bringing the deviation to America they strive to keep away from her shores!

This people are really-really fucked in the Brian department!

And because the Trickster Trumpster, kisses Israhell’s ass, they kiss the Trickster Trumpster’s saggy rather large ass.

The Warvangelical Christians, really think the Trumpster was “sent by God” to “save” America.

And as the Israhell Non Semitic, not descended from Ancient Hebrew Khaqzaraian Russian Expats, & spawn thereof, pedophillic war criminals, thieves, Holocausters, want to destroy Iran, they believe God wants to destroy Iran.

So they will willingly send their own children off to murder innocent children in other lands, and get their kids killed, minds shattered, bodies shattered, cause “it is Gods will”.

Talking some really seriously deranged and dangerous to all around then indoctrinated zionist zombie goose stepping “do gooders”!

So yes, the zionist Khazarians, are a great threat to America, but a greater threat to America/Americans, is their home grown zionist christians.

So as long as Trump kisses Israhell’s ass, the Warvangelical “christians will kiss Trump’s ass!

Remember my definition of what constituted an American?
Either you are an American or you are not.
Americans are Loyal to America, and Americans.

This leaves the Warvangelical “christians, as not real Americans.
As although in their virus controlled mind, they believe they are being loyal to America by kissing Israhell’s ass, the opposite is true.

Sometimes, an animal is traumatized, to the degree where they can never be allowed to run free in general society, for the safety of the wounded animal as well as society.

These zionist “christians”, have been wounded with zionism to the point, they are a danger to themselves as well as America at large.

The transmission of this virus through indoctrination infection of the defenseless young, must be dealt with and stopped.

Zionism is the enemy of America and Americans, no matter the shade tan or flavor.

So remember, Trump will keep betraying America, kissing Israhell’s ass, as long as the zionist “christians”, keep kissing his ass, for kissing Israhell’s ass.

America has a zionist zombie problem!

And it DAMN well NEEDS to be ADDRESSED!

John C Carleton

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