Deceased Navy Veteran Cleared of Pond-Digging Charges

OK, USA/Washington DC, sent an old man, a US Navy veteran to prison, for doing good shit, trying too help out, on his own damn land.

He damn well died in prison.

Everyone involved, the cops who arrested him on faked charges, the prosecutor who prosecuted, the judge who passed sentence, the ass holes who wrote such a “law” which ended in torture and death for an old patriotic America veteran, need to have their asses thrown in prison until they damn well die!

The JUSA claims no one is responsible or can be held accountable for the crimes the JUSA does.


The evil sons of bitches doing the crimes, may be paid by the evil which is Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, but son of a bitching criminals, individuals did the crimes, or else the crimes against Americans, would not get done.

Time to hold the individuals responsible for the evil crimes against Americans they do for the JUSA!

No “diplomatic” or Corporate Immunity, for the criminals doing crimes against Americans in their own Home Land.

JUSA, seems to want to make Americans like Palestinians.
The evil crime cabal, Tel Aviv for Palestinians, Washington DC for Americans, kills, rapes, steals from “the People”, any damn time they feel like it, and in their view of the world, the “people” just take it!

To hell with that, my ancestors, yours did not fight and die, so pedophiles, many of them loyal to a foreign power, can do any evil damn thing they want to Americans, and the Americans are supposed to what?
Bend over, spread the cheeks of their asses, and tell the fudge packing Washington DC whores, Thank you evil ass hole, may I have another?

I don’t damn well think so!

Put everyone involved, with him dying in prison, an innocent man, in a prison cell, let their evil JUSA loving asses rot in prison till they fucking die!!!!!!

Then let their stinking dead bodies rot in the damn cells.

John C Carleton

Not long ago, I told our readers about US Navy veteran Joe Robertson, the Montana landowner who was prosecuted, fined $130,000 (by short-changing his Social Security payments), and jailed — for digging ponds on his own property. He served 18 months in Federal prison and was still on parole when he died at age 80 last March.

I also told you his widow was planning to appeal on his behalf. Well, she did… and won. The U.S. Supreme Court vacated the Ninth Circuit court’s judgement in April 2019 “and sent it back to the Ninth Circuit for further review.” On July 10, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reportedly vacated its conviction.

July 10, 2019: Today the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals vacated the conviction of Navy veteran Joe Robertson, who was sentenced to 18 months in prison and ordered to pay $130,000 in fines after he dug fire-fighting ponds near his home in Montana. Sadly, Joe passed away in March, but his wife, Carri Robertson, continued his legal battle.

‘We are very pleased that the Ninth Circuit agreed that Joe’s convictions should be vacated and very pleased for Carri, who will no longer have a $130,000 federal judgment hanging over her head,’ said Tony Francois, a senior attorney at Pacific Legal Foundation. ‘It has been an honor to represent Joe and now to be able to complete his vindication on behalf of his wife, Carri.’

Federal regulators said that Robertson polluted a ‘navigable water’ — a small ditch with a trickle of water — when he dug the ponds. The Environmental Protection Agency said the ditch was a federally protected waterway under the Clean Water Act and required a federal permit — even though his home is 40 miles from the nearest navigable waterway.

The same court upheld his conviction two years ago and refused to give him rehearing in 2018.

As part of the ruling, $1,250 stolen from his Social Security payments will be returned to his widow.

Russ Chastain


Deceased Navy Veteran Cleared of Pond-Digging Charges

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